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Ready to set my site up to take payments...please help!!!

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  • Ready to set my site up to take payments...please help!!!

    Hi All,

    I am finally ready to set my website up to take payments. I need some advice as to how to get started. I know nothing about paymeny gateways / merchant accounts, etc... My needs are the following...

    I would like to take credit cards over the internet through my website. I would also like to be able to take credit cards over the phone and also in person but with no terminal. Just write down the number and somehow call it in or enter it when I get back to my office. I do not have a retail store but besides my website I set up space at various shows and would love to be able to take credit cards there.

    Please explain to me the difference between using Paypal Pro, Paypal Standard, other companies. Frlm what I have gathered so far, there are two things you need to be able to take payments... a merchant account and a gateway? Not sure if this is correct? As far as Paypal goes, do the pro and standard packages include both a merchant account and a gateway? I am really confused about the whole process, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    setting up a merchant account and gateway

    Call any bank, like wells fargo or washington Mutal and they can set you up and can answer all of your questions. You need both merchant and gateway and most banks offer both in a package. Your gateway will have a web site where you can enter customer info so you can take phone oders. I don't know about paypal I don't use it. Hope this helps


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      Paypal pro offers both merchant and gateway. And they do allow you to take payments both off your website, as well as they offer you a virtual terminal (ie. you log into paypals website, click on virtual terminal and you enter in credit card information). The virtual terminal aspect would work for phone orders, as well as if you take credit card info at a show and then want to enter it at the office.

      Paypal Standard if I remember correctly (I use Paypal Pro) does the same things, however on your website when customers pay it takes them to paypals website to enter information. Where as Pro they enter the information from your site.


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        I've used USAepay for the past 9 months and have been very happy with them. It was very easy to setup with 3dcart since they're already compatible with their system. USAepay provides both the merchant account and gateway. I also accept payment via Paypal Standard, but I'd say that 95% of my orders are processed via my merchant account.

        Here's a link to their site:


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          I've heard Costco has really great rates. You'll probably want to do some comparison shopping. Also, be sure the gateway they use is compatible with 3dcart.

          Some fees to pay attention to are the monthly access fee, the statement fee, the processing % fee and the per transaction fee.

          Generally, you'll pay a monthly access fee around $15 and a statement fee around $10 (estimates). For each transaction, you'll pay a percentage and a per transaction fee. PayPal's basic rates, for example, are 2.9% of the transaction total plus $.30 per transaction.

          I've used for a couple of years and have been happy with them. They offered the best rates I could find, but definitely do check with your bank too as they might have incentive programs for existing customers.


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            I'm using Cybersource for both card processing and as my gateway and their customer support is excellent. I had also used Innovative Merchant Solutions in the past and they were every bit as good as Cybersource.

            I also accept payment via Paypal, Google Checkout and personal checks. The majority of my payments are credit cards but I also receive a good number via Paypal and Google. However, I'm still having issues with Google not calculating shipping fees but it looks like it's now playing nice with my store inventory and subtracting it when purchased. I hope this shipping issue can be worked out soon as I really don't want to eliminate it as a choice.

            When you are doing your research make sure to determine if there is a contract, is there a set up fee and termination fee and how much. Some providers will offer you a discount if you use them for both a gateway and processor. Check for a virtual terminal and customer support features. But most importantly, double, double, double check with both 3dcart and the companies that you are interested in that they are compatible with each other! I had swithched to a cart, which will remain nameless, that advised me that they were compatable with the gateway I was using at the time and as it turned out they were not. I can't even begin to tell you what kind of nightmare this turned into. That was just the begining and I eventually ditched the cart, had to eat the contract and start all over again. Some Merchant websites will list the carts that they integrate with-don't trust the list. Call them.

            I do receive some checks but in the event that any bounce I've contracted with Federal Check Recovery. They re-deposit the check when funds are most likely to be available and send me the face value less the $8.00 bank fee. They get paid whatever the state rate is, which here in Florida is around $28.00-which I don't pay. If you do use this company or a similar one, make sure to ask if you can mail them the returned check. If not, you will incur a monthly fee if you want your bank to send it to them directly. I opted to mail them as I don't get very many checks and I didn't need another fee.

            I hope this is of some assistance and good luck.