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Dead orders with PayPal... Not processing correctly!

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  • Dead orders with PayPal... Not processing correctly!

    Ok, so this has happend several times already... i am apparently getting orders, but the cart does not recognize them. Most recently, i had a customer order a part, and it sent him to paypal... he paid with paypal, but the cart did not give him an actual "new" order.. it issued the order number though, which is visible on his PayPal receipt... Now, i can see that he paid, because paypal sent me the email... but to have it show as an actual order, i must go in through the cart, open the order (which is sorta saved as an "uncompleted" order), and process it as an offline payment to get the order number... but if someone orders something before i get that chance, and it dfoes issue them an order number, they will BOTH be issued the same order number.... CONFUSING!

    There needs to be a better way for PayPal customers to pay with this cart... this seems very Hokey to me! And by the way, i don't want to sign up for PayPals ojnline processing... we do all of our processing offline for various reasons, but i don't want an online gateway. PayPal is the only real-time online gateway i want active.

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    I would get in touch with support. We had an order the other day with that problem, but that's not normally how things work.