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  • New Payment Gateway Request - Kurrenci

    Hi I would like to have a new payment gateway made available with the next update of 3dcart. This is a genius way of accepting money and I need this for my online store. Just like using paypal, i want to start accepting KURRENCI, because they will market my site in addition to accepting payment from them.

    Kurrenci is a seamlessly integrated payment method with no processing fees
    In addition it is a marketing platform that provides, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

    I found out about them on techcrunch, and they wrote how they will be the next big thing in shopping and spending money online.

    In order for my site to get this feature, there needs to be enough demand!! so please go to and check them out and if you want to add this feature to your store as well, PLEASE COMMENT/REPLY WITH YOUR REQUEST AS WELL!!

    Thank You!!

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    Let me guess. You work for Kurrenci, right?


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      No, But i want their services on my store, and I asked 3dcart if they can add it for me, and they told me to post my request here, and if it gets enough response than they will include it with their next update, so Im trying to pitch it well because i really want it for my store.


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        Just launched in June and you buy kurrenci with cash? I'm skeptical. Wonder why they haven't joined the BBB? No real reviews out yet, just alot of hype. I'll sit back and wait to see how they pan out


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          srhlb, what is your web address I would like to visit your 3DCart Store.

          Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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            Please implement this payment gateway!

            We are also interested in having Kurrenci as one of our payment gateways. Please implement it for everyone.

            Thank you,