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allowing customer to pay an "Unpaid" order

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  • allowing customer to pay an "Unpaid" order

    I'm trying to spoof a 'Quote' system by using a custom offline payment method.

    the idea is to create a payment method named "QUOTE ONLY", and have it set to order status "Unpaid". It gets submitted to us, we manually adjust in any additional freight or service charges, then we have the customer complete the transaction on their end with the new adjusted total.

    That's the idea. That last bit seems sticky, though. Even with the order status marked 'Unpaid', the customer has no ability to do anything about it.

    Is there a workaround for this?

    I do see that I--as admin--can log in and complete the transaction manually. But, it'd be better if the customer could access the order to complete themselves.

    note: i did investigate the 'reorder' option in the customer's account page. But, it neglects any changes we made in admin to the order totals; it only recarts the original items submitted by the customer.

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    I really wish there was a simple solution for that problem. If there is, we haven't ever been able to find it. It is frustrating, especially to our customers who wanted to pay using Paypal, because they can't do it unless they go to Paypal on their own an send a payment through their own account. For credit card orders, we have to take their payment by phone and complete the order ourselves.
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      If you use then you can create a form to put on an extra page where a customer can make a payment using either PayPal, or (they have to be on separate pages).

      We have these pages with required fields for order number, customer name, and e-mail.


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        I am also looking for a better solution. What we have been doing though is either taking the payment over the phone OR telling the customer that they can do it online by click re-order. They just put a duplicate order through and pay with a card.


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          ISGMe Another method would be to utilize wish lists. You'd want to have a dedicated staff account that creates public wish lists. Name the wish list something like "Quote for Kitty Cat" and send the link to the customer. When the customer (Kitty) views the list, she'll see a list that says "Created by: ____" with your name filled in. From there they just add the products to their cart.

          There's no total on the wish list page, and the customer would have to click Add to Cart on each item, but those limitations might be preferable to cluttering up the customer's My Account area - as well as your inventory and reports - with bogus unpaid orders.
          - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting