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Merchants who stores Credit Card Information for Customers

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    Originally posted by damiencaz View Post
    Does anyone have a list of merchants that will store credit card information for customers? We are moving to a new merchant in a few months and want to make sure we go with one that can do this for us. Thank You
    Stripe is supposed to do this and they don't charge a fee for it either like does. I'm in the process of trying to launch Stripe and while it was very easy to set up and get it functional, i.e., collect payments, I haven't been able to get the saved credit card function and one click checkout to work properly yet. I currently have an open ticket on it. I really hope that this can work as it's supposed to because it looks very promising.

    There is also something else called that was developed by Visa. I have it personally and really love it. You can set it to alert you every time your credit card is charged or over a certain amount, etc. This will store credit card information for free also. The problem is that 3D doesn't offer it and I haven't been able to find anyone else who does. is also a member of that same Visa family and they are supposedly going to offer it in the future (at least that's what they told me), but nobody can give me a time table. I also don't know how that would impact's current CIM system that charges $20.00 a month for that same service. I even contacted the sales team at and they haven't been helpful either. It's a great product that they don't seem to want to market.