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  • Credit Card Processor Suggestions

    Looking to save some money on processing fees.

    We currently use Transfirst with where we pay a base rate plus interchange fees, plus fees. It is these fees that increase our rate to almost 3.5%

    Looking at Stripe and PayPal Pro.
    PayPal has the lower rate, however handling recurring transactions or charging a card at a later time is a problem.

    Stripe has a longer funding period and I am not sure about recurring transactions.

    Any feedback or other suggestions are appreciated.

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    I also use Propay. I have a debit card that I can use to withdraw funds, transactions post in 24 hours and they were competitive with paypal for me. It also allows you to store your customers' CC information for future use, as I have some where they want me to store it so I can just charge their card for orders they place via phone or email. No problems for me and I've used them for over two years now.


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      Thank you Toobusy.

      Anyone using Sage?


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        We had PayPal Flow Pro, they neglected to tell us nor was it in any of the contractual documentation that 20% of each transaction would be held 90 days. Needless to say we dropped PP Flow Pro, also their fraud detection leaves a lot to be desired.

        We are now back with USAePay and PowerPay. In 3+ years we had one bad transaction, caught before shipped. USAePay CS is awesome, US based. While we do not do re-occuring it's possible with USAePay. Clean user interface, good documentation. We are paying appx 1.6 to 2.2% per transaction depending on card type, plus a 35 cent transaction fee, funding 2-3 banking days, transactions over $4K they will qualify with buyer. I'm extremely confident with USAePay and PowerPay, I cannot say the same with Authorize.Net or PP Pay Flow Pro.
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          Look into Cybersource. They have a test environment so you can poke around in the backend before you buy.
          - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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            Chase which I believe Amazon uses as it's processor.


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              Thank you all for the suggestions.
              We actually ended up staying with our current processor. All it took was a good quote from another company, and they matched, beat it, and retroactively refunded fees.
              It's like your auto insurance, you have to go shopping every once in a while, as the rates keep creeping up slowly without you noticing.