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    I have my site set up with I read (here in the forums) about the pros/cons of just authorizing a transaction until shipping (which I would then capture it).

    How do I set this up here? I figured out how to set it it so that when someone makes a purchase, the CC info is Authorized...but is there some way to automate the "capturing" upon shipping (or will I have to do that manually).

    Does anyone have any experience with doing this or have any other suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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    you can set it up to automatically capture with each transaction made, but as for a mechanism to automatically capture when an item ships out, i don't believe this exists. You can capture from the admin panel if you haven't found that yet.

    (Ive realized that any automatic capturing of anything is not a good idea)

    If that is tiresome because of the large number of orders you can do a batch capture on the website.


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      When you say that I can capture from the Admin panel...are you referring to the admin panel on 3DCart or I see where I can capture when logged into don't see a place for this here on 3DCart.

      Thanks again.


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        you can capture from 3dcart.

        click on the order number
        scroll down till you get to the Transactions box.
        Click on "Detaills", capture transaction.


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          Thank you!