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Using Stripe to edit saved credit cards?

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  • Using Stripe to edit saved credit cards?


    For anyone who uses Stripe. . .

    I'm trying to see if there's a way for customers to update their credit card information via their account panel. For example, if a customer places a pre-order and a few months down the line, I go to charge the card and it's no longer valid, declined, what have you, and the customer logs in to their account to update their card info. How do they do that?

    In the saved credit cards section of the account page, you can edit the expiration date of the card, but the card number section is not editable.

    Is there just no way to change the credit card assigned to an order?

    I think I've seen at other stores, they just create a fake item of "Update Credit Card", and that's what gets the new credit card into the Stripe dashboard?

    Can anyone that uses Stripe chime in with their workflow?


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    I have a similar question. How do I use "saved" credit card info. for a new phone order? One of my current customers wants to order an item and has sent me an email requesting that I used his previous credit card info to pay for the new order. On his previous order I checked "save credit card info" on the phone order checkout page. Where is this info? How do I use it for his new order?


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      SSPKevin - you need to create a new entry for the updated card instead of trying to edit an existing entry.

      mihooper - what payment gateway provider do you use? This kind of information is saved with them.
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        Stripe. I do not see where this information is stored on their web interface.


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          For saved credit cards:
          Create an item for $1 called "add new credit card". Then in your payment section add stripe payments again but this time limit it to $1, and click the "authorize only" (so the card is not charged). You only need to do this if you normally capture your credit card transactions at time of purchase. Also remember to set your normal stripe payments to only kick in for transactions over a dollar.

          For phone order:
          This one is simple.... Log in as your customer and do your order on the front end. ;)

          On a side note I always place orders for customers through the front end. It's a great way to catch bugs.



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            Thanks for your suggestion. I was able to enter the order via the front end and select a saved credit card for payment. Very simple!