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Fraud watch - what does it check?

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  • Fraud watch - what does it check?

    Got an order from a customer yesterday in Indonesia. This is his 3rd order in about 2 months. Never have had a problem with those orders.

    Today got an order from a new person in Indonesia that has never ordered from us before. The address is slightly different phone is different. But the email address is the same!

    So I looked at the Community alert on both orders and they both show 5 community orders with no fraud reported. So I can see that for the first guy since we have had 2 previous and 1 the day before, so he must have had a couple of orders with another 3dcart user. Ok, fine. His orders were for about $36 up to $64.

    But this order we got today from a girl in the same city, province and zip using the same email but with a different name, street address and phone seems very strange. Her order is for $58.

    So after checking the community score and finding both to be 5 previous orders It got me to thinking maybe the whole fraud watch thing only looks at a persons email address and no matter what the rest of the information is it tracks the number of transactions by email address. Does anyone know how this works? It seems odd that both would have the same number of transactions from 3dcart stores. Sure it can happen but the circumstances on this are strange.

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    Fraud watch is weak (we tested it for 30 days) We currently use you can also use - they handle all the fraud and we just have to get the stuff to Miami and we're off the hook


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      I ship many items cross border and Western Europe. The easy way to validate the ownership of a customer card is to run a test charge for a tiny amount, and require the customer contact their bank via phone or website and verify the amount. That way, you can be assured they have credentials that allow them to access the account. I have not found FraudWatch very useful.


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        Originally posted by robschlein View Post
        I ship many items cross border and Western Europe. The easy way to validate the ownership of a customer card is to run a test charge for a tiny amount,.
        This is the system we use and it works for most people. I got the idea from Bongo Shipping as that is the method they use.
        robschlein Do you use any shipping methods other than USP/DHL/USPS for international?


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          I use USPS for many lightweight items up to about 3 lbs..sometimes 4lbs. After 4lbs, I use whatever is more cost effective between USPS Priority or FedEx International Economy. If you do a fair amount of shipping internationally, you can ask your rep for a discount near 70% off published prices. And, you can call Fed Ex Great Rates for shipments beyond 10lbs that give you even a higher discount if you are flexible on the shipping day....they configure their rates based upon space available on a given day. I have seen discounts as much as 80%.


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            Originally posted by windycityparrot View Post
            Fraud watch is weak (we tested it for 30 days) We currently use you can also use - they handle all the fraud and we just have to get the stuff to Miami and we're off the hook
            Jumping onto an OLD thread... windycityparrot Are you still using GlobalShopEx and does it integrate with 3dcart or do you do your int'l biz separately? Fraudwatch in 3dcart seems to be a pretty poor "solution" and jacking up our merchant services rules (due to a LOT of fraud going into the holidays) just pretty much eliminated our int'l biz. So we need to find a better middle ground.