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Paypal standard no longer accepting all cards

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  • Paypal standard no longer accepting all cards

    I am wondering if there is anyone else using paypal standard/express that is having problems processing cards. I use my mastecard-debit card and am told the card is not accepted and I need to use another.

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    you need paypal payments pro


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      There have been issues on and off for the last couple of months with Paypal and Mastercard cards. We've mostly seen it with pre-paid cards but some debit and credit as well. For us it was a frequent problem for about a week at the end of October and then it cleared up until today. We've received calls from 7 different customers with the problem today and from what I can tell many more had problems but didn't call in. Paypal is aware of the problem but they don't have a solution yet.

      They also have problems with attempting to immediately recharge Mastercards if they don't go through the first time. It's part of their retry process and it SHOULD only happen when there is no response from the bank. For example if they try to process a card and the bank doesn't respond they try again a couple of seconds later. That's normal, but whats happening instead is that they are retrying even if they do get a response and the card is declined for whatever reason (cvv wrong, insufficient funds, etc). It happens up to 4 times and that causes other problems if the customer tries the card again. Unfortunately 3dcart only keeps the final error code that Paypal sends, so it also wipes out the original, real error code with a 15005 RX retry error which makes the whole thing more confusing. Paypal is also aware of this issue but they will not be fixing it until next year.

      BTW none of this is 3dcart's fault, it happens even if you try to process the payment directly through Paypal's virtual terminal.

      Paypal has had a ridiculous number of issues in the last few months, including these Mastercard problems and outages this Sunday and on Cyber Monday. We will continue to accept Paypal but will be switching to a different card processor after the holidays. They are just too unreliable.