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Who is using what gateways, and with what results

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  • Who is using what gateways, and with what results

    Since there are so many options, and so many problems, can each person just say what they use? Right now I'm using:

    Paypal regular, for about 8 years. Works great and instant payment to bank.

    Stripe: Using for about a year, and now about 75 percent of customers choose it, probably because it is the first option, and has CC input right there.

    Braintree: Briefly worked for Paypal Payment only, then stopped working. I wanted the other options that came with it but can't get anything to work (Apple, Venmo, Google Pay).

    Amazon Pay: Been trying for years but can't figure out the process.

    Square: Have not tried but looks like it might be the only option left to get mobile payments.

    Recently changed templates from HTML to HTML5 which is needed for Braintree, and bandwith doubled but "visitors" stayed the same.


  • #2
    Paypal: Works great

    First Data / Gateway e4: Great for credit cards. One batch /day, so you can delete a transaction before it is 'processed. Great options for Fraud filters

    Braintree: Works great but no option for Fraud Filter with the version supported by3dcart. For this reason alone, I no longer use it.

    BitPay (Bitcoin): Highly recommended: Fee is 0% for low volume and only 1% for higher volumes . Can't beat that!


    • #3
      I have really liked using PayPal/Payflow Pro for everything - all charges are in one place and easier to deal with.
      Joe Arbogast


      • #4
        Is anyone using Etsy? I can't seem to find how it works? How does it connect to your Etsy account blah blah blah - there is little or no information!


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          Using PayPal and Amazon Pay - A lot of customers choose Amazon Pay.


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            BB&T and today's transactions are posted next business day at 4pm EST, Flat bill per month depends on what your sales per mth are as thats fixed. PayPal, or Mail check for payment. Im B2B so it may be different for others.


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              Birdsafe with that set up, do customers have to leave your site to pay with paypal? Are they able to use paypal financing? Also, do you use other services like Apple / Amazon pay? Trying to figure this whole thing out. I have paypal pro, and will go with that if necessary, but really trying to plug in Braintree if it works with the core themes since they have a lot of the newer payment methods built in. The youngins' like venmo and the like. Any / all info is greatly appreciated.


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                massagestore -- yes, they go to PayPal for paying with their PP account, but not credit cards. And we do not offer apple or amazon pay.
                Joe Arbogast


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                  Just a quick follow up. To save people time, energy, frustration, Braintree is proving to be difficult, so we are abandoning the attempt. As per a number of recommendations, it looks like Stripe / paypal / amazon pay is a pretty complete solution, although I have Paypal Pro. Paypal Pro charges $30 / mo, and has the same rates as Stripe / Square, so for a more robust solution, I would say the latter is a better option than the former. All of that said, as per a conversation I had with Jimmy, from a financial perspective, this makes the most sense: + stripe for wallet transactions + paypal + amazon pay. Actually proved to be quite an easy set up. Hope that helps someone out there...


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                    Another point about Costco/Elavon: Elavon will let you use gateways, other than their Converge gateway, and still maintain the same rates. Currently, we use because we needed some built-in fraud protection from the gateway. Also, it appeared that could be a path to the 3dSecure fraud protection we mentioned in another post. However, we will switch back to Converge when Gonzalo let's us know they have completed the 3dCart updates that pass the customer's ip address to the gateway. This will allow us to use some of Converge's fraud protection tools.

                    Please clarify what you mean by "stripe for wallet transactions". What are wallet transactions?
                    Last edited by Luxlife; 02-06-2019, 08:50 AM.


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                      Luxlife this refers to apple pay, google pay, etc. You can see the list here: - thank you for mentioning the limitation with converge. I am sure that GonzaloGil is on it, and will have an update soon. Gonzalo, I tagged you in this post, so when you have the update, it can be put here as well for those who didn't see the other mention of this 'issue'. Thanks to both.


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                        We've updated the integration to send the customer ip for Converge, but it won't be going out for a bit as we just started the deployment of V9 which will go out over the next couple of weeks...If you want me to add it to your store, shoot me an email [email protected] with your store URL and i can manually apply it,
                        Gonzalo Gil
                        3dCart Support
                        800-828-6650 x111


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                          I'm not yet live. Site is set to launch Tuesday 9/17/19.

                          I have set up PayPal Express, but have not tested it yet with a real transaction yet.

                          I am also trying to get a Merchant Account and Gateway set up because I want to allow a non-PayPal checkout solution as well, but it's a slow process. Shouldn't be, but my rep has fallen down a bit on getting it done.

                          I do not understand the difference between regular PayPal and PayPal Express. I don't want to give anyone the trouble of explaining it, I just want to ask if I am going to run into problems with PayPal Express? Do you recommend against it? In reading the posts above, I'm sensing that it is less desireable.

                          Thanks for your input!!

                          Addendum: I found this helpful article explaining the difference between PP and PPE.

                          Last edited by Connie Zimmermann; 09-11-2019, 05:57 PM.
                          Connie Zimmermann
                          (an eCommerce newbie)


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                            I am looking pretty hard at Braintree, has there been any improvement or updates since a year ago when some were having trouble? Reading the new version notes, it looks like the API was updated in 9 and 9.1.