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  • Future Pay termination

    This is to notify you that pursuant to Section F.1. of the Merchant Agreement, effective October 11, 2018 FuturePay will no longer facilitate payment transactions for goods and services purchased online.

    What other Buy Now, Pay Later options are integrated with 3dcart?
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    I think Affirm works with USA sellers (buy now pay later) and is listed as being integrated. I have been wondering if I should add something like that as a payment option but my items are pretty low cost so haven't looked into it yet.


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      Affirm is a different animal I think, more like another gateway with associated merchant fees.. I believe affirm would be more like the option offered by Pay pal Credit. It would be nice if 3dcart would put out some kind of notification when one of their modules is going away and mention options etc. Financing is offered by all our local merchants for everything from weed trimmers to cars - and the merchant gets paid for getting the customers to finance. Why should we, the merchant have to pay them, the companies offering financing, when the customer is already paying?
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        Klarna is way to go .. already integrated it. Had 2 big orders same day ..


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          I'm talking to Klarna now but they don't have a current offering for someone with lower average sales amounts like me. Their current one starts at orders of at least $150.00. I have a phone meeting with them on Friday to discuss their new plan which is supposed to come out next year which will be for lower dollar amounts. I also have no idea how their fees work.

          Affirm's APR looks really steep so I haven't contacted them. Any other companies we are integrated with yet that I can check? I know my competitors are using Sezzle and I have voted to get it integrated with 3dcart. Seems I am missing the boat on larger orders by not offering a payment plan......


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            kalaja I am trying to get Klarna to show up as a payment option. I am supposed to be ready to go but for some reason it refuses even though all of the settings look to be correct. Did you have to do anything special to get it to work? Right now the only Klarna code showing up for the checkout page is this. Poop!
            <!--START: KLARNA--><!--END: KLARNA-->


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              Klarna work only with HTML5 or CORE Theme . Make sure you have one. Double check if your checkout page template is updated to latest release



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                kalaja I am on an HTML5 theme. I will wait to fiddle with the checkout page until a time when I don't have customers online and see if that makes any difference. Thanks!


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                  kalaja I changed it to the most up to date checkout template and that didn't work either. So back to square one.UPDATE: I just re-saved the Klarna settings without making any changes at all and now it is showing up. But the positioning is bad and there is some text overlap. SO now to figure out how to fix that.
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                    Danab There is set of settings to show Klarna option at the product page as well as view cart and checkout page ( slice it ) .

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                      Klarna merchant fee Up to 0.30 USD + 3.29% per transaction
                      Affirm merchant fee .30 + 4.99% per transaction

                      Neither is ideal.

                      I saw on another older post where Klarna charges 6% +.30 per transaction

                      I am not sure of the cause of the different fee.
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                        Klarna is 5.99 +.30 and only offers 4 installments on purchases over $1,000

                        Neither looks appealing to me. Is anyone aware of a better option?? Pay Pal still looks to be the best option.