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Paypal "Gateway Response"?

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  • Paypal "Gateway Response"?

    We were upgraded to 8.3.1 and yesterday and today I am seeing customers make it to step 4 of the checkout but they aren't completing their order. I looked in admin and they were paying with Paypal and all I can see under payments is Paypal and then "Gateway Response". There are no error codes or anything so I can't figure out if we are having intermittent problems with the Paypal standard payments gateway? I did have two customers check out and pay with Paypal successfully so hoping for some info. All I could think of to do was turn the Paypal payments on and off again LOL. Thank you!

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    Did you ever find anything out about this? We aren't on 8.3.1 or anything but since about Friday-Saturday we've had an increase in customers having problems paying with Paypal.


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      lukiegames I think something is going on. For some reason, Paypal just charged my customer sales tax again. 3dcart calculated the total with tax, sent it to Paypal and then Paypal calculated the tax again on the total from 3dcart. That has never happened before. Its an e-check pending payment so I can't fix it either.