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Klarna questions and experience.

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  • Klarna questions and experience.

    kalaja I thought I should start a new post and not take over that other one. =)

    ​​​​​So far Klarna isn't showing up on the view cart page when I activated it so another thing I need to work on. I asked Klarna about the positioning being too high on the shopping cart page so it is overlapping and no response yet. I posted a photo of what it looks like on my page to see if it does this on yours. I am hoping I can move it down a bit.

    One thing I did notice is there seems to be some periodic loading errors of the payment widget that must have something to do with cache or cookies or something. On my desktop I was running tests and after leaving the cart and then coming back hours later the payment was listed as being unavailable (there is a message telling you to try again later or use another payment method instead of the CC fields). I tried reloading the page a few times to no avail. Then I loaded it on another system and it was OK. So went back to my desktop, deleted the order, redid it and it still happened. Deleted that order and then chose a totally different item so the dollar amount would still be over the minimum but different and it worked again. This is a serious concern since I often have customers who return to a cart later and complete a purchase the next day etc. Has anything like that happened to you?

    Many thanks!
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    If I have regular paypal, and stripe, what does klarna do that I can't do now?


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      3DCuser Klarna has a few different options depending on what you need and how large your sale is. I am only attempting to use it for their slice it in four offering which allows a customer to space out their payments for an order over a 6 week time period. Klarna assums the risk and I pay 6% +.30 per transaction. I have it set to be an option for orders over $100 because some of my competitors are offering Sezzle (which does the same thing) and 3dcart is only integrated with Klarna right now. I am experiencing some issues though and if Klarna doesn't get back to me soon with a reason that can be fixed I am going to drop it.


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        OK so the unable to load the Klarna payment error occurred again. This is the second time a test order has failed after I let it sit in the queue without checking out over a day. Tried to reload it a few times. Nothing. Changed the shipping amount so the dollar amount is now different and suddenly it is back online. I have customers that let their orders sit for a few days before checking out because they are making up their mind on what they want or getting approval to purchase from family members etc. The last thing I need is for the payment to stop being available to them and for there to be any negativity or frustration because their order is too "old" and now they can't use Klarna if they were planning to. Customers will just go to my competition......Can anyone at 3dcart help me figure this out?


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          3dcart-William Klarna got back to me and said the bad positioning of the Klarna payment option is a 3dcart problem. Can you tell me how I can move the Klarna payment option down a bit so it is not overlapping the line above? It shows up like this on desktop and mobile. It is also confusing to have the Slice graphic so close to the CVV "whats this" so there really needs to be some space there. I've tried looking at the templates and cannot figure out how to fix this. Thank you!


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            Danab Thanks for the feedback regarding the position of the gateway. Are you able to submit this in a ticket and provide the id? This way I get some to look into it right away to confirm the cause. Thanks!


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              3dcart-William Sure thing! I didn't want to bother ya'll with a support ticket if it was a simple fix. I will submit a ticket in a sec. =)

              Ticket = WLG -313-11928
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                Danab Thanks, I understand not wanting to open a ticket for a simple fix. However this could be something that needs to be changed globally so its best to have our Lvl 2 techs investigate it further. I'll forward this ticket over to them now. Thanks again!


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                  3dcart-William Hooray your team fixed the positioning issue!

                  Now if I can just get Klarna to get back to me on the intermittent "I refuse to load " issue. I don't think that is a 3dcart problem but we shall see what they say. I sent them a video of it in action so they won't think I am a crazy person. At least not for this. LOL =)


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                    Danab Awesome! My pleasure to assist! If needed we will help with the "I refuse to load " issue once you hear back from Klarna!


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                      3dcart-William Drat! I sent in a ticket last night. I got my first Klarna payment and it didn't update to captured. I had no idea what to do so I followed the instructions on the Klarna website and captured it there (this was before I found the new instructions that 3Dcart wrote up). Now the order is stuck and 3dcart keeps trying to capture the payment and will not let me update it to shipped. I am hoping someone can turn that off this one time for me or let me know if I have to cancel this order now. Waiting for a response on my ticket.

                      So a word of warning for others. Klarna informed me that any updates or changes you make to an order on the Klarna merchant portal will not be transmitted or be made available to 3dcart. The communication is all one sided. 3dcart---> Klarna only. So do not make any updates to an order paid with Klarna outside of 3Dcart or your order may get stuck like this. I wish I would have known this so hopefully this helps you out.


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                        Danab Sorry for the inconvenience this cause but this is good information to know. I will see about have this added to the Kb article with additional information once everything is confirmed.


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                          3dcart-William From Klarna tech support in their last response to me. "Our recommended best practice moving forward is to perform order management in your Ecommerce platform, 3DCart. Order management actions completed in the Ecommerce platform will automatically update in the Merchant Portal, however actions completed in the Merchant Portal will not be reflected in the Ecommerce platform. This is why you are getting that error message that you received."


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                            3dcart-William I've been trying to get tech support to understand my situation and I do not think I'm getting through. Klarna has instructed me not to cancel the transaction. 3dcart is not registering the fact that the payment was already made to Klarna and keeps trying to capture it and puts it on hold. The only options showing for this in 3dcart are capture or void. I am stuck!

                            I asked your Tech support what would happen if I manually made a custom transaction as a payment so this would show up as fully paid on the 3dcart side. They told me that they saw I was talking to you and they said "I noticed that you were on our Forums getting more information from our Moderator regarding this issue. I do see that you made some updates to your Merchant account and unfortunately those changes are not going to be reflected on 3dcart.".

                            So no help yet. Can you pretty please check and see if I make a dummy custom transaction payment so this order finally shows as paid, can I then mark it as shipped without 3dcart trying to continue capturing the payment or somehow messing up the payment already finalized by Klarna or 3dcart placing it on hold? I do not want to mess this up any further and Klarna says I need to figure this out with you.

                            Thank you for your help!


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                              Danab I will look into it now and see about getting this cleared up. The agent may not have fully understood what happen prior to this. I have the ticket and will get an answer soon as I can.