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Klarna payment option has dissappeared?

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  • Klarna payment option has dissappeared?

    Anyone else using Klarna that was upgraded recently? I had a customer request a lower threshold for an order and when I went to check it, Klarna no longer shows up in my checkout. Its turned on in payments, I tried turning it off and back on, tried deleting the store cache and even swapping to the V1 chekcout. Nothing. I haven't made any changes to the template in months so the only think I can think of is the recent upgrade has caused it to glitch somehow? I've submitted a ticket but I was wondering if anyone else has tested their Klarna out this week?

    Thanks so much!

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    in our store Klarna is visible , however if customer try to checkout they have message " form already submitted " and nothing happened ... opened ticket today. It started with 9.1 update


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      I couldn't get it working right for all my customers after 9.1. It was buggy and wouldn't play well with Stripe. If Klarna didn't load as a payment option, Stripe loaded OK. If Klarna loaded as a payment option the Stripe JS was loading itself three times and Klarna had websocket loading errors 13 times. So the CC field for Stripe would get all bunched up on the left side and then it would take forever to load correctly. I tried working with tech. support on it and eventually they said it was not something their developers would work on further. Try using the Chrome inspect feature and see if you are having similar strangeness going on. Especially if you use Stripe. If it is more than just my website, perhaps the developers will look at it again.

      I gave up and removed Klarna from my store so I wouldn't lose sales from Stripe having a hissy fit and customers leaving (one customer complained that after an hour I had the least user friendly checkout they had ever seen. I tried to save the sale but they never returned). I just set up Sezzle and unfortunately it is not loading as a payment option for me at all LOL. I am hoping tech. support will get back to me soon. They are usually pretty good about responding but I just tacked it onto my previous Klarna ticket. Not sure if I'll have to open a new ticket for Sezzle.

      On a side note it was much easier to sign up with Sezzle than Klarna. Only downside I see so far is they add a 2% currency conversion fee for orders from Canada when they deposit the money to my account. I am not sure I would be allowed to set it up so Canadian customers cannot use it under their TOS. I just got approved this morning. I'm not sure I want to pay a total of 8% in fees from Canadian customers vs 6% for USA ones. I might be able to make up for it with their interest bearing deposit feature though.