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Possible issues with Stripe payments or the new javascript entry field?

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  • Possible issues with Stripe payments or the new javascript entry field?

    I am on a responsive html5 template and I think there are serious issues with the new Stripe JS payment box. I just went 6 days without getting a single credit card payment on our website. It is unheard of. Our number of orders went down, a customer CRM'd me that she couldn't check out at the payment just kept "loading" (she would not call me back to talk about it for troubleshooting), and the only orders we received were paid with Paypal. I tried testing it out myself and was able to get a payment to go through on my desktop. The only thing I noticed was if I processed cards through the virtual terminal in admin a message box popped up for a second that said something like you have to enter a valid card number, but then it disappeared and the payment went through. It was so fast I didn't get a SS of the error box.

    Since it was getting really worry some, I swapped back to the old Stripe (unchecked the JS box). I got a credit card order within a few hours! So either Stripe JS is not working consistently or my customers cannot figure out how to enter their CC data in the new javascript field. Has anyone else experienced anything with Stripe lately? I'm not sure what to do.

    Thanks so much!

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    Our stripe stopped too. Just went and looked, and someone had turned it off. And, Amazon Pay is listed twice.


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      I brought up something similar on 9/23

      I to have the stripe js checked as well and have now turned it off. Now we were and are getting orders but we have observed a downward trend in orders as well. We stopped using Paypal because of their new policy on keeping the discount rate on refunds or adjustment, but that is another issue.

      I will update if we see changes. The old stripe none JS script is more visible and safer I think!
      Last edited by kelly; 10-06-2019, 05:45 PM.


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        kelly Thanks for posting! I wish there was a way to choose a different Stripe JS field. I think my customers can't see it, they can't enter their info. into it correctly, or its not loading right. After I turned it off, our credit card orders went from 0% back up to 58% of our sales over the weekend. So there is definitely something going on with the new Stripe JS.

        Are you on a core template yet? I haven't been able to swap over and probably can't get it done until next year. I believe support for the HTML5 responsive templates is not a priority anymore but I am not sure how much of the various problems we are experiencing will be fixed with a Core template.

        I'm sticking with paypal as another payment since it has saved my butt whenever Stripe goes down. At least I still get some sales through Paypal when it happens. Plus my customers really love Paypal and buy my items with money they have sitting in their accounts. So I would probably lose sales if I drop it. None of the other payment options will show up correctly with my current template either. But I will try adding some new ones in (Gpay, Sezzle) when I get a clone to help me with a core template LOL.


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          Ya I am using burg-core but its not all roses since the last two updates site performance has drop dramatically since the last two patches/updates, now this appears to be related to chrome and check out. I have multiple tickets in and they seem to acknowledge there are real issues, but fail to address it. This cannot be related to just us.

          I have worked 100's and 100's of hours cleaning up all and any errors on the site I can find, but that does not seem to help. It has to be either coding in the core templates themselves or 3dcart servers, or both.


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            kelly Hey congrats on your 20 year anniversary! We just celebrated our 20 years this weekend. =) Woohooo!

            I'll poke around on your site later and see if anything looks wonky since I only surf on Chrome desktop and an android phone. The only thing that I noticed right away is your pages takes some time to load for me (desktop on cable internet). It has much longer load times than mine even though Core is supposed to be faster? I noticed your thumbnails are pretty graphics heavy compared to what I am using so that could be the reason. Mine are almost always less than 10KB and usually are between 5-8 KB at 175x175. I may or may not up them to larger ones in the future but I still plan on compressing the heck out of em. I checked one of yours and it was 43KB at 250x250.

            But everything was lined up nicely on your site which was great. It is something I am worried about since when I try and preview a core template with my current store it looks like poop. So you gave me some hope. And you have breadcrumbs showing up with Schema. I don't have any and Google is using those for ranking now. Erk!


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              A customer called saying they tried many times for about an hour to place an order. No matter how they changed the format, they kept getting a message saying their phone number would not verify. They were using Visa Checkout. The order went through using the regular credit card process

              It seems that 3dCart is reducing support for html 5 templates because they had us move from an html 5 template to a core template to get MasterPass to work. Now we find Visa Checkout has an issue and we are not able to tell if it began before or after the 9.1 upgrade.

              Is anyone else using MasterPass or Visa Checkout? Could your checkout issues be related to this? We are at a loss in trying to understand why these digital wallets keep having problems. Any thoughts?
              Last edited by Luxlife; 10-08-2019, 07:21 PM.


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                Luxlife I'm sorry to hear you are seeing issues with Master Pass and Visa Checkout, do you have any open tickets currently we can look into further to get an update? If the 9.1 update is affecting any functionality we will need to investigate.


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                  Luxlife I can't seem to get any of the new payment options to work with my html5 template so I am no help there. The only ones that are working consistently for me are paypal and stripe non- JS version. It is the main reason I will move to core but I am worried about core checkout too. Heck, I am just worried about swapping and I don't have the budget to pay someone to do it (kiddo started college and the tuition is rough atm). So I will be interested in seeing how this goes for ya and will watch for an update.

                  3dcart-William I appreciate you watching the forums and helping us out with our issues. =)


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                    We are having issues with payment options also. Ticket# QTJ-471-33850]

                    Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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                      Pack Secure I checked the status and I see this ticket was escalated to our design department yesterday, but currently there are no updates. You can email your Tam to see if there's a work around until this is corrected. It appears to be an issue with that particular theme.


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                        That theme has had issues galore since day one, unfortunately.

                        Thanks for checking William.

                        Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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                          Originally posted by 3dcart-William View Post
                          Luxlife I'm sorry to hear you are seeing issues with Master Pass and Visa Checkout, do you have any open tickets currently we can look into further to get an update? If the 9.1 update is affecting any functionality we will need to investigate.
                          We created a ticket yesterday.


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                            We have been waiting several days now for our ticket to get fixed, but no word. Ticket# QTJ-471-33850]

                            Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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                              Pack Secure The ticket in question was escalated to confirm and correct the issue with that theme. Being that its a design issue it may take a little longer that our regular support to get corrected but I will have someone check on the progress. One temporary work around I can suggest is to use a different theme for now and change back once this is corrected. You can reach out to your TAM for assistance with this if you want to go that route.