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    Anyone know if 3dc can accept crypto?

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    Yes. Supports BitPay. Available in the Payment Methods section.

    We have had it turned on for the past three years. Have had a grand total of four bitcoin orders.


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      It will increase greatly this winter, as the dollar crashes.


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        Not sure it's correlated to the USD, but I highly recommend all stores to accept Bitcoin.

        The number of transactions via Bitcoin is still small but not negligible. As more stores accpet it, we will see more transactions.

        Integration to 3DCART is very easy via Bitpay.

        They only charge 1% processing fee (vs enormous fees from credit card processing companies) and there is no risk of fraud.
        0 chargebacks with Bitcoins. when it's paid, it's paid.
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          Trying to get Bitpay to work, but keep getting "CREDIT CARD ERROR
          Your Credit Card cannot be charged at this time. Please try again later or contact us for additional assistance" error. Tried deleting and re-adding Bitpay, and getting new API key.


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            Same here, getting the same error after setting up this new payment method. Tried a test order and after a "Redirecting" message it brings us to the error page:

            Credit Card Error
            Your Credit Card cannot be charged at this time. Please try again later or contact us for additional assistance.


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              I was told the error is due to an invalid API Key and to try creating a new token in Bitpay that uses the "Require Authentication" option. But this does not create an API token that the 3D Cart integration supports. It just generates a pairing code that is valid for 24 hours, which there is no option in the payment settings to enter this code. Entering it in the API Key field did not work.

              The first API Key without authentication was entered correctly, so it should work.

              I noticed in Bitpay there is a section for Legacy API Tokens (Deprecated) so it may be possible 3D Cart is still using these old API Tokens and does not support the newer tokens that Bitpay supplies. Hope this can be fixed.


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                I've given up. Getting same thing.