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Amazon pay stopped working

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  • Amazon pay stopped working

    About a month ago AP stopped working, and it would not install again. Support and Amz said the cart update was the problem, but after the next update it still will not install (says "you are not connected").

    Anyone else have this problem?

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    We also have not received an Amazon Pay payment in about a month. Not sure how long this has been happening, we had one customer contact us a few weeks ago that they were unable to pay by Amazon and had to use a credit card instead. I am sure others have experienced this but just haven't contacted us about it.

    We are still using the Amazon Pay Legacy payment method as we have not changed to a core theme yet. This version should still be supported and functioning according to the Knowledgebase article. It still shows connected in our payment settings though, so not sure if we have the same problem as you.


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      It's working now


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        For us as well, had a few Amazon orders recently.