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Site Map Error- Need Help!

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  • Site Map Error- Need Help!

    I received this error message in Webmaster Tools from Google when they tried to index my Site Map:

    URLs not followed
    When we tested a sample of URLs from your Sitemap, we found that some URLs redirect to other locations. We recommend that your Sitemap contain URLs that point to the final destination (the redirect target) instead of redirecting to another URL.

    Apparently, all the urls in my Site Map are without the "www" before the domain name. Is this a setting a need to change in 3d Cart or in Google?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I had the same problem and this was the reply from the 3DCart support:

    "We don't fix errors in your webmaster tools account for you, this is a third party service that is not part of 3dcart.

    We provided a free sitemap with your account, if it's not working as expected, you don't have to use it."

    Anyway, this is the solution:

    Go to settings>>general>>store settings, scroll down and change you store url to include

    then go to settings>>general>>store modules and scroll down and hit "update file names" and save.

    go to your ftp and find the folder "web", inside the folder find file "sitemap_cache.txt" and delet it

    open any brobser and type and your new sitemap will be created.

    then go to your webmasters tools and delete your site url, then input your site back using, include a sitemap: submit and everything will be fine.

    As per the support, what can I tell you...almost all of them are great like in any place, sometimes they forget that nothing is for free and they have a job because we pay for their salaries...


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      They are correct. Our technical support team cannot login to a third party account, like google webmaster tools, to correct errors.

      They strive to provide the best support they can. If you feel that you ever got a response that was unsatisfactory, you can always request to speak to a manager or contact me and I can look into it.


      Robb Muise | E-Commerce Specialist
      Phone: 800-828-6650 x118
      Mobile: 920-471-0858


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        Thank you for those instructions. I did everything in order and the sitemap is now being picked up by Google. Thanks!

        Do you have similar instructions for getting products into the Merchant Center?

        I am having 2 main issues:

        1- I have over 200 products, but only 13 actually publish.
        2- The urls on my products in Google Shopping do NOT point to the correct product on my website. Somewhere things are getting mixed up.

        Any help would be more than appreciated!