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    While I would still like to know the answer, it is no longer an issue for our site / store... We transfered over the DNS servers. Now we have other issues. <G>

    Several months ago, we registered our domain name and setup an account with a hosting site. We started setting up our site and I came to the conclusion, that trying to integrate a shopping cart, store, etc., was really more than I wanted to do, so we set things up with 3dCart. We have gone "live", but I have some concerns about the stats and SEO.

    Right now, our domain "", automatically redirects people to our 3dCart store... This is true for any entry of " or many of the subpages under it (/contents, /main, /??).

    My "main" question (here) involves how "spiders", etc. see things... Will they go to and look there (and only there), or will they automatically follow the re-direct to

    Secondary question... The "stats" on 3dCart is setup for ""... What is it looking at? The stats for, or is it following the redirect to the store?

    I have a "reason" (valid, or otherwise) for doing it this way, but I do not want to be shooting myself in the foot, so to speak and if necessary / beneficial will change the DNS, etc.


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