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  • More Questions SE directory Submission

    Would anyone like to detail their marketing strategy?

    I have done my meta tags, etc. on the pages. I am going to whip up and add some more key word rich content over the next few days. Still adding inventory though.

    I have submitted my google sitemap url and created category and product sitemap index pages.

    I have submitted url to MSN, Google and Yahoo search engines.

    What next. I know directory submissions are important. How have you done this? Where do you find the important ones? Are bulk submissions as good as individual. How do you find out which ones are best? I know that Yahoo should be done carefully and separately and if you have the $$$$.

    What about linking?

    Does 3d do any submission for you?

    After submitting your sitemap index to Yahoo they want you to create and upload a file authentication key to the root level of your site directory. If your not using ftp will 3d do this for you.

    What else needs to be done?

    I am determined to get my site completed in short order but I am on information overload right now.

    I have read the forums and all info supplied from 3d but still need some further direction.

    Any and all input very very much appreciated.


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