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    How do you prevent the search engines from crawling a certain part of your site? If I do a search for my site, my home page is at the top and right below that is the "Terms and Conditions" section. I would think a prospective customer may skip the home section and read the rules first. I heard somewhere where there's something a person can do to prevent Google from crawling certain parts of your site.

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    Look up how to use robots.txt. Also check and see if there is a way to prevent the page from appearing in your sitemap.

    There is no way 100% effective though.


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      Also read this:


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        Be careful with keeping Google out of terms and conditions and/or privacy policy.
        I'm told that Google wants a site to have those things and will rank you better if you do, because you look more legitimate.

        Instead of trying to keep Google out of there, why not try to make some other page rank higher?