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    Has anyone found that online press releases has given back to them the initial cost of using a service. I see prices of 450.00 for them but didn;t know what they can do for a business.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    I used pr web and it did bring in a lot of business. actually too much. i've been asked to be on several tv and radio programs that showcase ebusiness. i'm working with one of the radio stations as a supplier for giveaways. i think you'll get alot of responses for the product you sell. i don't think you need to spend the 450.00 if you know how to write one or can follow a template. i wouldn't again. i would just use the one i have and change whatever i needed. I put my out for valentines' day so i did make my money back.


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      We also used PR Web, and it is nearly impossible for us to determine if it was worth it or not. I do believe that it WAS worth it, especially when you look at the stats they track for you, and you see how many different news outlets pick up your press release, and how many folks clicked on it, and/or printed a hard copy of it.
      Once we re-launch our site (on 3DC) in a couple of weeks, I think we're going to do another press release with PR Web.
      I think we bid about $220 or so, to get into the top spot for the day it was initially published.
      Good luck,