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  • Improving Google Page Ranking


    Does anybody know how to improve the Google page rankings? As I understand it, Google ranks pages from 0 to 10 with 10 being the best. But what do you have to do to get there?

    Can anybody please explain in plain English what it is Google is looking for?


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    Pagerank Explained. Google's PageRank and how to make the most of it.

    Maybe that will help?


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      Thanks Toobusy. that is a start. I know now how it is calculated which is good.

      here is what I am after: the folks I drop ship for have a page rank of either 3 or 4, mine is 0. According to what I just read, that number does not exist. If that is true, then what do I need to do to get noticed and improve my ranking?



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        the page rank is an ever changing equation, with the new google +1 buttons yet another variable has been added into the mix creating even more confusion for those unsure about SEO practices.

        it's a bit of a mess to try and explain, best practice is to make sure all your meta tags are in place and descriptions are related.


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          Page Rank

          First, Page Rank was named after Larry Page, a Google founder. IMHO it is highly over-rated. Regardless, it is a combination of 200+/- variables, the Google algorithm, of which no one knows what it is comprised of except Google. All of us that "hang in there" get "points" for doing so. Most of the other variables appear to be with complying with web best standards, proper coding and complying to Google's ever-changing list of "demands", like the 9/22 deadline. Added emphasis appears to be in the area of social marketing, which produces a "web" of influence in the linking structure.

          I have always adhered to concentrating on product and category ranking, which works well for me. When your products rank well, your site will be "found". Growth online takes time, patience and hard work.

          Keep in mind that those with high page rank are mostly LARGE companies with deep pockets that have been around longer than you and have a dedicated staff to keep and maintain their sites, inventory and marketing. Some smaller companies I know of have a PR4, PR5 or PR6, but I know they have spent small fortunes paying SEO "experts" to get there, and their bottom line/net profit isn't any better than mine. I employ an organic approach with minimal advertising. People searching for my products DO find me, even though my PR isn't high.

          Don't obsess over page rank. Know your product niche and exploit it. Be the best you can be at what you know best. Success will follow.


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            Page rank

            Celebra is right don't focus on Page Rank BTW each number in page is exponential - to go from 4 - 5 you have to move heaven an earth.

            We're watching key words in SERPS with SEO Software | SEO Tools | SheerSEO. I try to blog daily, max out FB shares and retweets and ads 2 - 400 -800 keyword rich artilces to the site weekly. We also use SheerSEO dor blog submissions to increase back links - back links are the gold standard We playing with Wordtracker to increase back links too.

            Since Google Panda update - content is King -

            make sure when you blog you submit to - we've seen blog posts show up in google alerts in under 5 minutes


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              Text links should be present on all pages on your site, not just graphics. Having "click here" links also help.

              The site should also have hierarchy. Like headings following h1,h2,etc
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                3 Ways to Increase PageRank

                Hey Guys,
                Great advice so far! I thought I would weight in with 3 tips that will help any merchant increase their PR.

                1. Blogging.
                Laborious, but effective. Good UNIQUE keyword-heavy content will go far in the eyes of Google.

                2. Promote content on all social sites & social bookmarking sites.
                Push to Twitter & Facebook but also remember to bookmark your content to get backlinks. Here's a list of some do-follow social bookmarking sites:

                3. High Page Rank Blog Commenting
                Blog commenting is a form of link building and and link building is the ultimate way to boost Page Rank. As every time a site with established Page Rank links to another site… it passes on some link juice meaning Page Rank. So obviously getting one way back links from high Page Rank blogs will pass on some link juice.

                Hope this helps!


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                  To add to 3dcartLindsay's suggestions.

                  Make sure your blog is submitted to

                  Make sure your (SEO) titles are filled in on your blog & your products

                  I'm writing this with Dragon naturally speaking v 11.5 and it has greatly enhanced my ability to blog as we are trying to post 3 to 4 80 - 1000 word -relevant content articles weekly.

                  We are splitting the articles between the 3-Dcart blog and relevant category pages. Google wants to see page relevancy so for example we just deployed a category for Poicephelus (African) parrot supplies - we posted 1000 word article with videos to the category footer.

                  After two years we are beginning to see some traction with our Facebook fan page as Google can now spider comments within Facebook as of two weeks ago - so I try to keep my conversations filled with keywords on our Facebook fan page which has the same name as our website

                  lastly make sure that you have accounts with Bing and Google webmaster tools to check for crawl errors so you can fix those


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                    Large companies

                    @celebra1 3dCart Power User - Don't let large companies discourage you although we have had some issues with our recent migration we exchange number one and number two SERPS rankings with DrFosters& every week in spite of the fact that they do $130 million year on the web


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                      My Competition


                      I am not afraid of my competition! 2 of my main competitors went out of business this year. One contacted me about buying their domain names. I declined. My sites are almost always found on page one; up to 5 times! Plus I usually get 1, 2 or all 3 Google shopping picks. My ad budget is minimal. Natural search works best for me. Recently I had a new customer tell me that "Whoever did your SEO, SEM and website design should get a raise. I keyed in a search, was taken to your site to the exact product I was searching for. I am impressed." This was my 1st call of the day! I told her "I" managed all phases of my websites. More praise followed.

                      As a former professor said, "Every threat is an opportunity is disguise." That was from a lecture on SWOT analysis. One does not need "deep pockets" to make a difference! Know your niche. Stick to it. Be persistent. Analyze frequently. Adjust as needed.