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Search Engines Not showing Correct Meta Title & Description

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  • Search Engines Not showing Correct Meta Title & Description

    wondering if anybody had issues with the search engines, mainly Google not showing your meta title or description that you specified for your pages?

    I noticed this happened right when penguin came out but I have noticed bing and yahoo are also doing this where sometimes they would have my title and then the name of my website after the title (which I don't want) other times the description would be totally different then what I created.

    This has caused my rankings to drop big time because the keywords I am trying to rank for are not in the title or description they are showing, they have also been bouncing around a lot sometime they will rank and others they won't at all.

    just checking if anyone has ever seen this problem and how they went about fixing it. It is happening with both of our websites we have through 3Dcart, we have not noticed this problem with other website platforms before.

    Thanks in advance for the help!