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Pages created by search with Duplicate Title Tags

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  • Pages created by search with Duplicate Title Tags

    I figured out how to get pages created by searches to have a unique Meta Title Tag. The problem is 3Dcart is creating multiple pages from a search and these pages are creating duplicate title tag errors.

    I have tried clearing cache and resubmitting sitemaps but that does not seem to eliminate these errors.

    Any ideas of a solution or work-around to this problem is appreciated.

    Here is a link to a screen shot of the errors...

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    I do not believe there's a way to make 3D Cart paginate your results. So unfortunately, that's that.

    Assuming you're looking for a way to present your product brands, why not turn on the section that allows visitors to browse by brand? It's automatic, offers more control, and would provide the paginated title you want.

    Finally, I think those specific HTML suggestions in Webmaster Tools are very low priority. I'm not saying that you should feel differently about fixing them, but rather that it's not a critical rank-breaking issue. In fact, many store owners restrict access to search.asp in the robots.txt file to prevent Google from indexing the pages you're trying to optimize.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting