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    Is anyone out there having issues regarding uploading their data feed? I have submitted many tickets, done everything that is asked, and the feed still doesn't pull the MPN, Brand, or ID from my products. I have it set up to do so, and have gone back and forth with the customer service rep. I was pretty much told that it was set up correctly, I was out of luck, and to contact Google. Google simply told me I was missing the information needed in my feed, which is correct. It is not pulling the info from my products.

    I am at the end of my rope with this matter, and am close to manually submitting the feed through a Google spreadsheet, but I wanted to check and see if anyone had any feedback in regards to this. I've attached a screen shot of my settings. Thanks!
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    It is pretty easy to figure out if this is Google's problem or 3DCart's problem: by looking at the feed. If it is outputting a brand/MPN/id, then it is Google's problem. If it is not, then it is 3DCart's problem. You could post a link to the feed or paste an excerpt from it.


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      I'm having the same issue with all my feeds through Godatafeed

      Been through the run around as usual with 3dcart and Godatafeed. This is my theory so far based on all the non-support I have been given. I think 3dcart made a big change to the way the feeds are pulled and it has to do with advanced options. If you don't have all your advanced options set up for every single product/option combo, the feeds will fail. This is only my opinion based on MANY conversations back and fourth between 3dcart and Godatafeed. it's a huge issue and I'm losing business everyday because of this and of course no one says anything about the change and no one helps. I'm in the same boat as well and until I can get this theory confirmed, I can't fix the issues. I do air of drop-ship so I don't keep a real inventory system. I don't use all of the advanced options all of the time and some products don't call for options or advanced options, so what about those? If you get anywhere, please let me know. I as well am at the end of my rope!


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        Again, sorry to see that you're having issues. If you would like, feel free to reach out to our support manager, Mike Morgan, via email at [email protected].
        He will be more than happy to address your concerns in a one-on-one setting.
        Bryan Shaw
        Community Manager at 3dcart
        [email protected]


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          Tell him to call me, I am over this

          I am done trying to chase 3dcart down for answers. I just got off the phone with Godatafeed. They said 3dcart renamed some of their fields for products and that is why everything is failing.

          Again, 3dcart can't admit what is going on or that you made a change. Not telling customer's is the worst thing. 2nd worst is not being able to give good support when things like this happen. Tell Mike to call me, I am done at this point and very upset.


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            Hi rcheltrvel,

            There has been indeed changes to the integration with Godatafeed. They were requested by their CEO/Owner. Please direct any support questions regarding GodataFeed to them, 3dcart does not have control over your GodataFeed account and can not help you with any issues on their product.

            Their CEO knows our contact information and if there is any issues he will contact us and we can work to resolve them, however, as of right now, there is no known issues. The last change made to the integration, requested by him, was made 2 weeks ago.
            Gonzalo Gil
            3dCart Support
            800-828-6650 x111


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              Whatever these mysterious changes are have effected my business

              Whatever these mysterious changes are have effected my business. My products now only show up in Google (for example) once in a while. No longer constantly, like they always have. This only started since the feeds started failing last week and I still have no answers on what happened, what was changed, and why this is effecting my product listings and I am so upset. Does 3dcart have any answers on this???


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                My feeds are not picking up "brand" which I have set up like yours and all my products are disapproved/invalid. ALL of them. I am not happy. I have pulled my hair out on this. Never had a problem until the new v6 and I can't understand it. I'm going to manually edit my feed, it's not that hard I have a whopping 31 products/services, but even doing that Google is still picking up an extra field "identifier exists" that I don't have customized on my export set. I'll be back at it again tonight but this is negatively affecting my bottom line for sure. (I don't use Godata feed, I manually upload mine and am having these issues on this last feed. Never had problems before this last one).