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  • 301 redirects for a blog

    I just launched my new 3dcart site and have created 301 redirects for nearly 300 pages and everything seems to be working fine. HOWEVER, I had a blog on my old site that had about 200 posts and I have not created any redirects for those pages. (Actually, it appears that Google has 960 results when I do a site check on

    My question: Is there a way to redirect all of the old blog pages to my new site by using a blog/*.* or something like that and have it mapped to the main blog page on my 3dcart site?

    FYI - right now, the blog on my 3dcart website is on a share SSL but that is changing shortly to a dedicated ssl. Not sure if that makes any difference with the redirects.

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    Nope, no way to do a wildcard redirect. You'll need to do them all. I'd recommend building it in a spreadsheet and importing them en masse.