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    Has anyone ever used 3d Cart's SEO Services? If so can you tell me good, bad or? You can either post it here or PM me. I thought about trying it. My background is far from SEO, HTML, and the same.

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    I spoke with a sales person for their service this week, and he gave me a good impression of his knowledge. He was trying to sell, and I wanted to talk more about SEO.

    I wish 3dCart would separate out the metatag fields for easy editing, it would make SEO easier.


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      Curious which meta tags you want to edit easier?


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        I tried their SEO and it was about as good as their customer support!

        I tried and it was about the same as their customer support...not good! You can message me if you want specifics. They are all about selling. Someone raved to me about Joe P and his SEO and so I tried it and I didn't pay a lot at first just so I could try it out, see how it goes, then up the amount I spend. My campaigns were ignored, Joe P was not really involved at all, all I did was waste money and the guy assigned to my SEO told me that because I was paying less, he was only allowed to work on my account in his free time on the weekend. They solicited me for my business and they offered me the lower package to try it and then neglected my account. It all sounded so great to me as well...LOL, what a waist of time and effort! I will pay any amount if it means more sales for me but they didn't even give me a fair chance. I am using someone for SEO now and a quarter of the price and so far very happy. Live and learn, especially with 3dcart.
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          Originally posted by Dave_C. View Post
          Has anyone ever used 3d Cart's SEO Services? If so can you tell me good, bad or? You can either post it here or PM me. I thought about trying it. My background is far from SEO, HTML, and the same.
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            Hi Guys,

            I don't believe that either one of your comments are fair. First, both of you did PPC and not SEO. I have an amazing team of professionals here working on site at 3dcart, and we do very good work. Some websites do not do well with PPC, and PPC and SEO are two completely different things.

            As for the PPC, the program where we used to charge a $150 management fee was very limited in scope, and the extra things that were requested went above and beyond the scope of agreement. If I can remember, Bryan was working on your campaign above and beyond the scope of the project out of the kindness of his heart (coming in on his time off). Your project was worked on during the week as well, but the expectations that were imposed on him were beyond the scope of the project, so instead of saying no, he used his own personal time to do the work.

            We are very responsive to our customers, and we always deliver the work within the scope of your plan. SEO and PPC don't work for everyone, and there is no pleasing everyone.


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              Ok, sorry, let me change my statements. I have no experience with 3dcart's SEO service. Just PPC and the PPC service stunk. I am not talking about the poor results I had with the campaigns, I am talking about the actual lack of attention I received from 3dcart when I started paying for this service. The lack of communication, etc... From my own experience with that, I would be very nervous to ever try SEO with 3dcart.


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                On Sept. 25th, I received the following offer, but NEVER received anything when I signed up for it. I got a message from John stating I would receive a follow-up, but NEVER got one. I sent multiple emails asking for the report, but NEVER got it.

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