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Can We Get Breadcrumbs to work in Structured Data

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  • Can We Get Breadcrumbs to work in Structured Data

    Here take a look at this-

    Google Structured Data Testing Tool

    Here is the code they use-

    <!-- ZONE - BreadCrumbs - BEGIN -->

    <div id="brd-crumbs" xmlns:v="">

    <ul class="horizontal-list bcrumbs" itemprop="breadcrumb">
    <li class="bcrumb-1" typeof="v:Breadcrumb">
    <a href="" title="Online Shopping" rel="v:url" property="v:title">Online Shopping</a>
    <li class="bcrumb-2" typeof="v:Breadcrumb">
    <span class="bcrumb-arrow"></span>
    <a href="" title="Office Supplies" rel="v:url" property="v:title">
    Office Supplies</a>

    <li class="bcrumb-3" typeof="v:Breadcrumb">
    <span class="bcrumb-arrow"></span>
    <a href="" title="Office Furniture" rel="v:url" property="v:title">
    Office Furniture</a>

    <li class="bcrumb-4" typeof="v:Breadcrumb">
    <span class="bcrumb-arrow"></span>
    <a href="" title="Office Chairs &amp; Accessories" rel="v:url" property="v:title">
    Office Chairs &amp; Accessories</a>

    <li class="bcrumb-5" typeof="v:Breadcrumb">
    <span class="bcrumb-arrow"></span>
    <a href="" title="Ergonomic Chairs" rel="v:url" property="v:title">
    Ergonomic Chairs</a>
    <i class="last-child"></i>


    <div id="247ChatButton"></div>


    <!-- ZONE - BreadCrumbs - END -->
    Nothing crazy, I just can't figure out a way to pull out and separate our categories breadcrumbs in a simple way.

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    My gut says that it isn't possible. The breadcrumbs are produced by one single template tag, there isn't a way to separate it out and apply different HTML tags to each crumb.


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      That's what I thought, but now I'm thinking about using something like [extra_field_12] and [extra_field_13]. It just means I have to do it manually.

      I haven't tested any of the ones past 10 but I would imagine these would show up in the render in the template the same way [extra_field_1] does.

      Actually it would still be hard, you would need to use two extra fields per link.