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Has Anyone Used 3dcart's Manged Seo plans?

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  • Has Anyone Used 3dcart's Manged Seo plans?

    We where thinking of hiring someone to mange all our seo, and was wondering if anyone has used 3dcarts service for managed seo and how where your results? I thank you in advance for any results, comments, or advice.

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    We used their blogging to increase SEO and was not impressed and cancelled it. I will not get into further detail here, but if you want more information please send me a private message.

    Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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      We've had hundreds of clients use 3dcart's SEO services, and just about everyone of them has walked away extremely satisfied with the results. And while there will always be a select few who are unhappy (you can't please everyone), it's never a good idea to trust the advice of one disgruntled customer.
      If you would like a list of 3dcart's SEM success stories, give us a call at 1-800-828-6650 and we'd be happy to share them with you.
      We'd also be happy to walk you through the benefits of said services so you can make an educated and informed decision for yourself.
      Bryan Shaw
      Community Manager at 3dcart
      [email protected]


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        As far as Pack Secure goes, they had our blog writing service, not our actual SEO product. While they may not have been satisfied with the quality of the blogs that were written, before judging our abilities on the experiences of one client - it is important to understand that everyone has different expectations.

        This is specifically why our marketing programs do not require you sign into a contract. They are month to month. We do not want our customers at 3dcart to have to finish out something they are not happy with. We also want you to be able to turn it on and turn it off as you feel you need the help.

        As for SEO, I have to caution you that while SEO is a necessity, it is positively a work in progress. It takes a lot of time. You will never see instant results from SEO. The search engines rank you based on hundreds of factors, and the two most important factors are popularity and authority. Both of these factors increase over time.

        One of the other most important factors is how well you keep up your "web property". Do you update your products, add better content, share blogs for your customers to read?

        SEO works, but it takes time. If you don't view it as in investment in your business, but only an expense - you most likely won't be satisfied with any SEO program.


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          The reason why I will personally never pay for SEO services is because it is a black box. You can't apply metrics besides how many articles or words are written. It's impossible to say if a service is responsible for increased traffic or conversion, you just have to take it on faith.


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            CBSteven, I do agree with you. There are so many variables to any SEO program. The reality is this... If you want to be successful with an online business, SEO needs to be done, and it needs to be continual throughout the life of the business.

            The truth is, nobody will ever do SEO better than the owner of the business. You know the products, the manufacturers, the very specific details of the items. SEO is not the same as it was years ago. You can't just focus on a keyword and try to manipulate the search engine through hyperlinks, or keyword saturation on your website. It doesn't work.

            What works today is constantly improving your customer's experience while showing the search engines that you are a responsible business owner by investing in content, design and the willingness to share useful information with your customers.

            No SEO program alone will make your business successful either. Your goal needs to be to build a better website over time, and to also provide a great customer experience.


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              I also signed up for the starter pack and was not impressed. I would like to see actual survey numbers showing that " just about everyone of them has walked away extremely satisfied"!, we might take another look if that is the actual case.


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                I am one of your seo customer and so far not impressed. I paid for 3 months in advance 2 months ago and doubt I will continue.

                If your interested send me a pm and I will give you links to show the work they have done for our site.