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Google is Driving Me Crazy!

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  • Google is Driving Me Crazy!

    I try to keep on top of all the Google requirements and changes. There is a new change, or possibly I recently noticed it, that will withhold listings if Google thinks you have incorrect prices.

    Recently I made mass changes in prices when a manufacturer lowered prices on one line of products. I was distracted by customer calls for 10 - 15 minutes, and then uploaded the new prices. Google did their daily visit during the interim I was on the phone and kept all those products as unsearchable for 4 days! I was stunned!

    I added a whole new line a few days later. Part way through the manufacturer gave me an additional discount, so I passed it on. Again, Google dropped by during this process and barred all the products I had just listed due to "Incorrect prices". Unbelievable!

    This happened again last night as I was tweaking some listings and changing prices. Google doesn't give me enough time to upload the updates. I wasn't done with them. Has this happened to you? Check in GMC.

    I was talking with a merchant that lists on Amazon. He has a price structure there where Amazon will adjust prices to meet or beat the competition. How can Amazon get away with changing prices "on the fly" and not get products dropped? Is Google favoring Amazon? (OK, that's really another discussion)

    Google expects us to provide them with updated information yet they don't give us up to date information in many areas of GMC and GWT. Some of that information is days or WEEKS old! GEEZ!

    How can Google justify telling me I have incorrect prices? It's hard enough battling the competition without Google withholding my listings because I LOWERED prices.

    OK. Done with my rant.

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    Hi Celebra,

    I really try not to get in the habit of self promoting, but we've had so many customers complain about Google shopping doing the same things to them lately (removing their products because a price is wrong for like a day) - we've added a service, for $99 a month, we'll feed google your products every day with current prices. If you are interested in this, you can learn more here Google Product Listing Ads Setup


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      Not to take away from what Jo offered, but as an alternative you can open a Smart Feed or a GoDatafeed account and feed your file as often as you would like and not only to Google but to the Find, Bing, Amazon and more, with a ton customization available.


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        We built our own tool to do the same. One time cost of a few hundred dollars.


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          Joe, I am already set up with a GoDataFeed automatic feed through 3D for both Google and Bing. It has worked great. No complaints. It's a time saver.

          What I object to is Google penalizing me for not feeding them an updated feed when the data is still being revised. I do upload to Google myself AFTER I'm done revising a section. They have caught me in the middle of revising three times in one week! I do not know when they are going to crawl my site. I can understand them wanting updated information (and wish they'd give me updated information). My feeds are submitted once a day, minimum. What got my blood boiling was their statement on "incorrect prices". WHAT? Who are they to tell ME what the correct price is? Their argument is that having a different price than the one the visitor saw when they click through, would be confusing to the buyer. CONFUSING? I would be overjoyed to see a LOWER price if I was shopping! I certainly am not aiming to deceive anyone. It may be easier for store owners that get their product listings through feeds. ALL of my listings are manually created and frequently tweaked. I simply cannot work fast enough according to Google's new policy.

          Overall, it didn't affect my business too much as far as I can tell. My recent tweaking of listings and SEO areas has been steadily paying off; especially my current efforts. What Google did made me very angry. It was very unfair. Google makes an incredible amount of demands: feed requirements, structured data, social media involvement, etc. I think their actions are often callous and self-serving, without considering the needs of the customer/merchant. My "staff" is me. I am trying to comply. I get frustrated with their demands, especially for not submitting updates that were not finished.