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  • Deleting Product & Google

    If I delete a product, does Google show that as a negative? When products get discontinued can't I just delete them?

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    Generally, you want to avoid creating dead links to your site.

    You could leave the product there, indicate that it's discontinued, and provide substitutes as similar or related products. That gives the visitor a chance to transition over to a product that you do carry.

    If you must delete the product, consider creating a 301 redirect to some sort of relevant content.
    - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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      One of my sites is in an industry that comes out with new items 3 times a year, and discontinues very frequently. I tried leaving the page there and hiding it, making it non-saleable with a message about it being discontinued, but frankly the backend just got so cumbersome and hard to manage.

      Now I have created a page, and hidden the link, that basically states that the product has been discontinued and to please browse our current selection. I 301 redirect all discontinued products to this page before I delete them. Would love to hear better ideas if anyone has them!


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        Originally posted by lfleming View Post
        Would love to hear better ideas if anyone has them!
        How about this?

        Mark the product as Not For Sale, Non-searchable, and remove all category associations. That should disable purchase, prevent it from coming up in store searches, and prevent visitors from stumbling across it in category listings.

        The product would be effectively "hidden," but it would be different from clicking the "Hide" button in that visitors following backlinks would still be able to land on the product - which is important if you want to maintain backlinks and/or retain products for reference.

        From there, you can funnel visitors to alternative products.
        - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting