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SEO issues with mobile site

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  • SEO issues with mobile site

    Does anyone have any information on the following comment I just read today :
    Many developers who create separate content for desktop and mobile sites hold the mobile content either under a different domain (e.g. or under a subdomain (e.g. While this solution accommodates users and search engines, it may cause problems for the site itself: the duplicate content between the desktop and mobile sites may draw penalties from search engines for spamming; also, separate domains may split the page’s link equity and decrease page rankings in search results.

    This is from the Webdesigner Depot article here : Article

    My template senses my iPhone and switches to a mobile site that is my same URL with /mobile at the end. I'm interested to know if there are duplicate content issues that we need to worry about.



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    the big difference here is the article talks about something different than what you think it is.

    the /mobile is simply a directory under your domain. it is still a part of the same domain. on the other hand would be different than,, etc etc when you get down to the ip level, they would be completely different. This is where the penalties would happen on seo, because in google's eyes its no longer the same site

    I'm no seo pro, but its the general idea.


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      Oh I see.

      I thought there were also issues with duplicate content WITHIN the same site (domain). Maybe there wouldn't be in this case.

      Other than our product details there wouldn't be any other information (keywords) for the mobile pages that's not already on the non-mobile pages. So I thought keyword results would show both versions as having duplicate content ...