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any way to control the sitemap.xml

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  • any way to control the sitemap.xml

    is there any manual control over the sitemap.xml that is automatically generated at the root of my web directory?

    I'd like to suppress some items from being listed in the xml at all, and change the priority of others. I know I can just open up the XML file in a text editor and change it manually.

    I was hoping there was some control at the product and/or category level to maintain this in the admin interface. I have not been able to find it if there is.

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    Sorry, nope. Either take the auto-generated one, or generate your own with a third party utility.


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      That is correct. It is a "feature" I wish we had more control over. I would like to see the option in our settings of manual generation or automated. For those that don't know how, or don't care, they can let it do its thing automatically. For the rest of us, I wish there was a way to overwrite, or turn it off.