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  • Automated google shopping feed

    We're in need of automating a feed for google shopping. I'm thinking we use the automated product export, but then I'll need a programmer to be able to massage the file into the format needed by google shopping. Does anyone know a contract programmer that can do this?

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    I wish 3dCart would just add the needed fields!

    A good solution a lot of other 3dcart users is using godatafeed
    Comparison Shopping Engine & Data Feed Management - GoDataFeed


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      I know of GoDataFeed and a few others. But it's less expensive just to do ourselves. All we want to manage is one feed so won't take advantage of all the other features they provide.


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        Godatafeed is $59 / month.

        If I was doing it manually, I would do something like this:

        1. Download the product file from 3dcart
        2. Upload to Access this plus the other file with the extra fields you need filled in for your products
        3. Use Access to create a new table from the two files with the fields you need with the information you need for Google.
        4. Download csv file
        5. Take into Excel and do some search and replaces to get the perfect google feed format.
        6. Save as CSV
        7. Upload to Google

        1. Using the extra fields in 3dcart, populate them with the extra fields needed for the Google Feed
        2. Download file
        3. Change the names of the field to make it match the Google Feed requirements in Excel. Do other changes using search and replace.
        4. Save as CSV
        5. Upload to Google
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          You could also create a custom export yourself from Products>Export/Import. Then Create a Custom Export Set for Google Product Listing Feeds.

          Mine looks something like the attached file. I'm missing a column in there and need to update it but this will give you an idea. Like Ritchey said, you may have to use find/replace for some columns. But so far, I have found this method to be relatively easy.

          Just saw that the screenshot is quite small. Not sure why, but will try to redo.
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