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3d vs. Monster re: SEO

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  • 3d vs. Monster re: SEO

    Through much effort we have been able to get our current Monster site ranked in the top 3 organically for our most important keywords. One of the things that made a huge difference was including key word descriptions for all alt tags on our photos (we have LOTS of photos). With 3d we do not have that option, so I have a couple of questions:

    1) Do the search engines look at the caption for each photo as they would the alt tags?
    2) Have any of you who have made the switch found their ranking better/worse/the same as they had with Monster?

    We're getting ready to go live with the new 3d store and I'm terrified of losing our organic ranking. Thanks!

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    Yes- we switched from Monstercommerce.....and held back quite awhile due to this fear. The answer: with little or no "extra" SEO efforts, our ranking is BETTER than it was.


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      I don't really have an answer for you for your first question.

      But as far as your second...We made the switch from Monster to 3dCart back in October and I noticed that our traffic quadrupled. A lot of that may be because of the Christmas shopping season and also because our site is still new to the search engines. But I found that while with Monster, MSN brought us the most traffic. Google now accounts for around 55-65% of our traffic on a given day and MSN accounts for less than 10%. Although we have a long way to "grow", our rankings have definitely improved since switching.

      Switching to 3dcart was a great move for us...


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        Thanks so much for the input--I'll rest easier tonight! :) I LOVE my experience with 3D so far, and would highly recommend it to anyone.


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          We switched from Monster to 3d on Jan 1 and it sure seems like SEO is much better. We had the 3d site up, in development, since October and it seemed like things on that site were getting better/same rankings as the same item on Monster that had been up for 18 months.

          I am very happy with 3d so far. I highly recommend them to someone needing a good cart that offers flexibility.