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What Did 3DCart Change between 4/22 and 5/8 to cause custom file names to break?

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  • What Did 3DCart Change between 4/22 and 5/8 to cause custom file names to break?

    Sometime between 4/22 to 5/8 3DCart must have made some server side changes that wreaked havoc on about half of our product pages. All of the product pages effected were using custom file names that had been in place and working just fine for well over a year. They all were customized SEO-friendly URLs that also contained "_p_CatalogID.html" - Suddenly all such URLs began returning "No Follow" errors in Google Webmaster Tools and none of the product pages would display.

    Tech support had no idea why this was happening. Through trial and error, we experimented with re-writing one of the custom file names without including the "_p_CatalogID.html" and the page then rendered just fine. The only expeditious solution was to re-write all of the effected custom file names, and put in 301 redirects from the old custom file name. As you might guess, this was quite a blow to our SEO because of course the 301 redirects will not pass all of the authority those original URLs had attained.

    I have opened a ticket regarding this matter, but wanted to post here to find out if any other 3DCart Stores have seen similar problems. I have a feeling I am not the only one. It's quite upsetting because we may never regain the original authority of those pages (roughly half of our products). 3DCart is managing my DNS, so the blame cannot be shifted to anyone else. Has anyone else experience similar problems within this time period?

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    We had a similar issue in February with custom category file names. We were naming categories with a convention of My-Custom-Name_c_.html or My-Custom-Name_c_999.html. They weren't expecting people to use the _c_ identifier's in custom names and it sent people into an infinite loop. I ended up adding 301 redirect to cover it. Here is the explanation from Jimmy.

    The issue is being caused by a custom filename with the structure bicycle-components-complete-groups_c_1821.html

    So it’s looping between the htaccess rule that sends that to the category and the custom file name that sends it back to the htaccess.

    This was happening before, but our SEO team found an issue where categories with custom file names would render via both urls without redirecting.

    Let me know if it’s possible to adjust the custom file names on those categories, if not we could force your site to work as it did before the update.


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      Is there a reason you feel the need to have something like _c_1821.html or _p_CatalogID.html in the url at all?

      What function is it serving for you?