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Hot Jar Anyone else using it?

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  • Hot Jar Anyone else using it?

    I came across on another forum. Its an interesting tool. It allows you to setup some tests on your site. you can setup to record visitors while in the store so you can find any issues or bottle necks. You can also setup heat maps on different pages to find out what the users are focusing on or where they tend to drift to. There are also funnel settings and other tests to really help narrow down your sites pressure points. The best part is has a decent free plan and affordable pricing if you really get into using it.

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    Sounds interesting. I came across a similar site just yesterday called
    Gro-aut Solutions


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      Isetup hotjar earlier today and I already made a couple of changes to the checkout page. It is very interesting to watch a video of the customers' mouse movements.
      ForcedFabllc thanks for posting the link.


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        I am finding I get very little to no one adding anything to their carts. I find this very odd. not even to check shipping costs.

        I also setup my first survey tonight. IT should apear upon the abandoning of the site and try to gather some feed back on what we are doing wrong.

        I can not believe how bad June was. I have not had a month so bad even since the first month we launched in 2011. I lost money for the first time in 3 years on the site.


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          This site looks promising. Thanks for the link. I would be interested in hearing how things go for you. I just started a free account.


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            I also signed up for the free account a couple of weeks ago - results are interesting.
            Fabric Garden