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none of my 301redirects are working tonight. I have done hundreds before

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  • none of my 301redirects are working tonight. I have done hundreds before

    I have done hundreds upon hundreds of 301 redirects when changing most of my sites URLs. Tonight I was working in webmaster tools trying to clean up some more dead links and do some removal and 301 redirects for a few others. I started entering the 301's and nothing is taking. dead urls remain dead , 404 pages remain 404 pages. URLS that I am changing from Jeep_c_18507.html to Jeep-Parts.html are not changing. IS this just me being loopy and tired or is something broken as of today?

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    Good Morning ForcedFabllc I just went to the site and used the original link provided:

    I was able to go to the link and when the site loaded I was prompted with the following URL:

    It seems that the redirect is currently working. It may have just been a slight delay on it updating or possibly the browsers cache keeping old data.

    Please check the redirects today to see if you are still having an issue with them. If so please let us know and we will be more than happy to look into it for you.

    Have a great day!


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      3dcart-Geronimo i actually went in and created a custom URL for that category after trying to make a 301 for it. I could have sworn for pages that are missing or going to 404 you can redirect with out having to create a custom file name. Maybe its because a lot of the pages I need to 301 are no longer in existence and its not throwing a 404 just a error this page is no longer here error.