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Great article about seo features a cart needs to have - ranks all of the carts

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  • Great article about seo features a cart needs to have - ranks all of the carts

    Hi all.. stumbled across an article that appears to be nothing more than affiliate links, so I removed it.
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    Last edited by massagestore; 11-12-2015, 08:20 AM. Reason: didn't want to support a site that was focused on generating affiliate revenue without sound or helpful information so I removed it and put a link back to 3dcart

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    massagestore - interesting to see where 3dcart ranks. Thanks for posting this.
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      That article is not accurate. For example one of the first things it lists is "Independent Page Titles", and then states 3dcart doesn't have that at all. 3dcart has that, and has as long as we've used them, so for at least 5+ years. If you go to the details page that it was made from , it also shows 3dcart as not having the option of your own IP even at extra cost which is also untrue.

      Not they are singling out 3dcart, its inaccurate for other carts as well. It isn't something you should take seriously. Its just SEO blogspam created to boost the ratings of some guys paid SEO service.


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        Thank you lukiegames ... I thought the same thing myself. It also seems to be an opportunity to push a shopify affiliate link. I didn't take the rankings too seriously.. if I did.. I would believe that 3d is the best cart out there as per this link: - but based on where things are at with the new administration panel and the struggles a lot of people are having with broken functionality, I don't put too much weight on any of this stuff.


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          The articles a bunch of crap (is nothing more than an affiliate site ) doesn't even mention - unless you are generating gobs of fresh content and differentiating your product listings with fresh content the most SEOfriendly website in the world will be worthless - Three Dcart is missing the boat by not offering buyable pins and tweets


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            Agreed. Anyone who thinks many reviews they read are not motivated by money is truly naive these days. I have been paid as much as $150 to write reviews of products I have never even held in my hands. I've also been instructed to rate certain products higher because the affiliate commissions are better on those products.