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  • 301 redirect question

    OK, it's late and I'm pretty close to brain dead. I've been in the knowledge base as well as looking through the forum attempting to find the answers I'm looking for with no luck. So this is my confusion, you can go to SEO tools>301 redirects>add new and you get two boxes to fill in. URL and Mapped URL, then click add. <<-- not sure what / how to use.

    Also in any product or category under meta tags you have a single spot to add a redirect link in. Says must include http to be valid. <<-- So i'm pretty sure I understand that one. From my old store I would take that product and enter it in as and that item would be directed to what ever product I typed that into.

    Sooooo, what I'm wondering is this: some things I had to sell as a single item in my old store can now be easily handled as an option in the 3dcart. So I'm not sure if it is possible to redirect two old URL's to one new one?

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    Hey Bill, we meet again. I did some snooping because I thought I recalled a few good threads on 301 redirects. I'll post the links I found and see if they'll help you, otherwise someone far more knowledgeable will chime in and we'll all learn something.

    Now you watch, someone will come in here and say poor Kim she wasted her time finding all these links when we as forum members will come in and explain it so everyone can understand it LOL It's ok, Its late and I needed a break away from the bench anyway


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      Thanks Toobusy.. Your post helped. Though not in the way intended. You pretty much linked the pages I found on my own last night. So it's a new day now. Brain is almost up and running and things look a little different.

      I think I have the answers to my own questions. Feel free to point out if I'm right or wrong.

      So on any category or product record you can go to the meta tag tab and enter a single redirect to that product or category, yes?

      OR you can go to the SEO Tools > 301 redirects and just go nuts. Enter what ever URL your redirecting in the URL box ( minus the . com stuff ) and then enter the new 3dcart location in the MAPPED URL box. Click add.

      So from the SEO Tools page if I want to redirect 3 old product URL's to 1 single category, this is the place to do it. Or or 2 old product URL's to a single new one, Correct?


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        Bill, I got to see my pillow at 3:45 this morning and was back up at 7....I haven't even had enough coffee yet to think this one through but if I read through some additional info I might get it to click, but I do think you're correct.


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          Originally posted by Toobusy View Post
          I got to see my pillow at 3:45 this morning and was back up at 7...
          A tad over 3 hours of sleep does not sound like fun.

          After more thinking I have yet more questions. WHY on the product category meta tag page do you need to enter the entire URL to include the http?
          WHY DO YOU NOT need to do it when entered from SEO Tools> 301 redirects. ?? This has me wondering if there is some finer points of one entry over the other. Or is this like a Windows thing? many paths that all do the same thing, just a different way?


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            Finally asked 3dcart support about it. This is what they say: <The SEO Tools 301 redirect is taking a URL that doesn't and never existed on 3dcart and redirecting it to a URL that currently exists on the 3dcart store.
            The product's Meta Tag tab's Redirect is taking a URL (usually product) that already has existed on 3dcart and redirecting it to another URL on the store.
            It's a subtle difference between the two but hopefully that makes it a little more clear. >

            That was indeed the clarity I was looking for.


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              Well it sounds like you've figured it out and everything should be good? Next it'll be you up until 3:30 doing your redirects LOL That schedule right now is par for me, I'm working 90-105 hours a week right now, car show season, and no one wants to do this dirty nasty work so I have no shop help. It's me, myself and the "666" LOL


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                Originally posted by Toobusy View Post
                Next it'll be you up until 3:30 doing your redirects
                Not going to do that. Nope.


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                  Im pushing my second 21 hour day in a row....I know I'm gonna be dragging wagon tomorrow LOL