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  • Blocked Mobile URLs

    Has anyone else had an increase of mobile blocked URLs showing up in Google site reports? All of mine involved Smartphones. All are active products.

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    Yes ma'am, just looking at them, my conversion rates and my overall traffic. Not good


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      Sorry to hear you are running into this issue. Support will need to investigate and see what could be causing this. If you can provide the products with the url links that are being block they can dig to see if there's any known changes. Also provide the time frame when these items started getting blocked.


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        3dcart-William, I sent you my URL error data. There were other issues too, that I believe are related to the time frame starting Dec. 7th. Some of my URL not found had m/ instead of mobile/


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          celebra1 Thanks for the information. I submitted a ticket so support can check into it. I think its something with the secured urls but support will sort it out. Thanks again!


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            celebra1 Toobusy Since the last update (or so) the old "Mobile Commerce" module has been collecting traffic from search engines. Which of course it shouldn't be because it has been deprecated for quite some time and should be not active even in general. Especially if it is considered "Off" at all times. You should have 0 mobile or m specified links.

            Now with that said. You need to also make sure that you are not collecting hits from old links that someone has placed on a forum or blog long ago. Those are what they are and if you didn't make the post or link, you can't really get rid of it. But is a good reason to have a good 404 page
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              Thanks Shaun, that actually makes sense. You are correct, I'm seeing them in my woopra stats and they are associated with forum posts. Since I didn't make it, I can't change it LOL Spot on, my friend, at least in my instance. Not sure about celebra1


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                Happened to us also for all products. Got both the bad URL and duplicate title tag warnings. Started around the same time.

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