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  • Update Itemprop: Advanced Options Price

    Hello All,

    I'm having some issues with itemprop price schema and advanced options.

    My setup:
    • The base product has a value of $0.00.
    • Advanced options are always required (radio)
    • An advanced option is selected by default so the customer never sees $0.00
    • I'm using the 3dcart Google XML Feed Generator which allows me to use the URL parameter, preSelOpt={AOID}, to select a specific advanced option.
    The variable tag [price_without_currency] only pulls the price from the base product - 3dcart does not have a variable tag for advanced options price.

    Does anyone know of a way to update <meta itemprop="price" content="0.00"> with the selected advanced option?


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    Turns out these 3dcart features do not work well with Advanced Options.The Pre-Selected option works, in the sense that the front end user will correctly see the option selected. But if your listing_x.html has the default microdata schema, then the pricing will not populate at all. There is no variable code for AO pricing.

    Because of that, the price in the Google feed that is generated won't match with your actual AO price.

    If you have a base product with a $0 value and have required AO items that have an actual value then when Google reads the schema on that page it will only see 0.00 since there is no AO variable. When the Google feed is generated it reads from your AO data which has a value. So, if you were to actually submit the feed to Google then your products would likely get disapproved once Google tries to verify pricing. It would see your XML feed shows a value of $xx for an AO item, but when it scrapes that page it would see the itemprop schema as 0.00 and disapprove it due to mismatch.

    I fully understand that this is very much an isolated issue. Though they are all features that 3dcart offers out of the box and would be nice if they all played well together.

    For anyone seeing this that has this same issue look into getting rid of the stock schema on the listing pages and move to using GTM and creating your own JSON-LD formatted schema. It's not as easy, but it works.

    Hope this helps,


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      Originally posted by willgvr View Post
      ...3dcart does not have a variable tag for advanced options price.
      It is AO_Price. And yes, there are a few things that don't play nice with Advanced Options unfortunately. I've been planning to utilize AO's but am still waiting on some kinks to get worked out.
      - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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        Thanks DeanP, but I don't think AO_Price is a valid variable tag - I just tried it out with the preSelOpt={AO_ID} URL parameter and the tag did not change.



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          Ah, I see what you're doing now. AO_Price is a database field in 3dcart, but I don't know that it will work in the context you need it.
          - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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            I have an issue with this also, most of our products have advanced options and some of our trade customers get discount and/or tax-free pricing. We've had to use javascript to display at least a functioning discount pricing table (because the 3dcart one is terrible) but there is no way to incorporate product options into it, so trade customers can only see their prices for the base product without any options added.

            The way 3dcart displays pricing in general is broken and needs fixing, the product page, shopping cart and checkout page always show the tax-inclusive price even if a customer is logged in to an account that has tax-free pricing enabled. It's only when they get to the checkout page at the bottom that the total has the tax removed, but the summary at the top of the checkout page still shows the tax-inclusive price!

            So the product page for two items they are looking at might show $60 and $100 ,which is the retail price, even if they are logged in to an account with discount enabled. When they add these two items to cart it will show $50 and $80 respectively, which is the discounted price but includes tax even if they are logged in to an account with tax-free pricing enabled. The summary at the top of the checkout page will also show $50 and $80, but then at the bottom of the checkout page the total will be $108.33 - which is the correct total for a customer with discount and tax-free pricing, but at no point in the process do they get to see the accurate individual prices of these two items. it makes it very hard for customers to make sense of the actual price they will pay for a product and I don't think it's something that can be fixed with customization as the tags just aren't available.
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