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    Is anyone else seeing this in Google's Search Console? Does anyone know how to correct it? I suspect it is a server-side issue, but I am not sure.

    The tag 'amp-img' contains the attribute 'alt' repeated multiple times.
    First detected: Jun 25, 2018 Status: Warning

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    We see a similar message. Looking at the details:

    Issue Severity Pages with issues
    1 Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag Critical 97
    2 Invalid CSS stylesheet Critical 56
    3 Invalid layout property found in AMP tag Critical 1
    4 Prohibited or invalid use of HTML Tag Non-critical 1,381

    We submitted a ticket.


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      The mobile code call is pulling extra alt tags on my listings. I cannot find the source. 3D tells me it's fixed. It is not. I've had sitemap issues since December. Google will only take the Google sitemap version. Bing only accepts the Schema version. My patience has been severely tested while "the experts" work on this.
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        We fixed most of our issues. Our problems were the result of the corrections we made a few years ago when the WYSIWYG became unusable. We did a lot of copying and pasting from MS Word and various tools on the web that claimed to transform the text in to HTML. The text was organized and appeared the way we wanted to the customer but the html was full of garbage characters. Also, we used a lot of tables which became a problem because most of those pages are invalid for AMP. For the last two weeks, we fixed at least 2000 product pages: Many before Google posted warnings in the Search Console.We were able to act preemptively once we understood the problems.

        The one issue that remains has to do with the opening post, the alt-img tag repeated multiple times. It appears to be linked to our logo--the system applies the tag to it. Perhaps, this is the problem for others too.
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          Luxlife - yes I am having the exact same image with the logo - multiple tat-img tag
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            As of today, we only have 8 errors. Most of the pages that had the alt=img tag issue have been fixed. We don't know how the correction occurred because we did not do it and 3dCart has not issued any public notifications or let us know via the support ticket.

            There are 3 pages remaining with this error. Google classifies them as "Valid with warnings." This may be because they are in a Google cache that will update when the pages are crawled again. We think this because the more than 350 pages with this error were fixed about the same time--these remaining pages do not differ from the others in any significant way. 3dCart must have made changes to the amp tags.

            It would be helpful if 3dCart would make an announcement, let all of us know what is going on.


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              There will be release notes for 8.2 soon if anything was globally updated on our development side it will be posted within. Recently, there were only minor fixes made to merchant's reporting certain errors but nothing released to everyone yet.


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                As of today, all of mine are fixed too.