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Dev site links showing up in Google.

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  • Dev site links showing up in Google.

    I noticed something strange today. While looking at my current visitors, I noticed that one of them was on a different version of our site: The URL was in the format http://[storename] I did not recognize this URL, so I followed the link and quickly realized it was for an ancient dev site that was supposed to have been closed down by 3DCart once we had completed some testing for them back in 2013.

    I was able to do a password reset for the old dev site. I looked at the visitor traffic for this site and noticed that it spiked significantly from late May on. Clearly something was accidentally switched back on.

    The bigger issue is that when I perform a site: [storename] it shows about 3900 pages indexed. Can someone chime in and tell me what is the best course of action here? Once I logged in, I disabled the front end of the store and created a redirect to the homepage of our current website. Then I edited the robots.txt file to disallow all traffic.

    Is this the correct way to handle this? Or do I need to go and add 301 redirects to every page of the dev site?