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  • Poor Mobile Page Speed

    Hi Everybody,

    I just wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing terrible mobile page load performance. All 3 of my 3dcart sites score very poorly. Check your sites and respond with your mobile scores in this thread so we can see how they compare.

    This seems like a major issue but curious if it's just my sites that are affected or if its 3dcarts responsive templates.


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    your site is fast for mine.. 24 score - core template & 40 score for html template


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      My site is 92. I checked yours and it was 33. I think one thing you can easily trim down is the images in your slideshow banner. Those two images alone are 782 KB. Machmetrics recommends pages to be 500kb or less for 2018 and the average webpage is 1.88 mb. Not sure what yours is in total. Hopefully someone who is more of a guru can help you more than me.


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        We got an 83 for mobile and 100 for desktop.


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          Thanks for the tips, will reduce those now and try again. Still seems like there are issues. ohc and Danab would you mind sharing your site, I'm curious to see the site with those great scores?


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            For the slideshow, wouldn't the pagescore only count the first slide anyways?


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              Lovedreamer I just checked mine again and got 93/100 I am Since I have a really large catalog I have gone with a responsive template with a big menu which is somewhat old school. But it works well for my desktop users. I also rarely use more than one banner at a time and compress every graphic I can to reduce my load times. Since Google looks at page loading times for mobile users for ranking since July 18, I crunch as much as I can and keep my graphics down to manageable sizes. I also watched the load times of things I was linking to and if they took to long, I got rid of them.

              My banner is 48.2 KB but my overall template is much smaller than the one you are using. You should be able to compress those graphics quite a bit and get the size down. If you check the recommendations posted beneath your results it will tell you what things you should work on, how long those things slowed down your page load etc. Both of your slideshow photos are shown there as things that need improvement.