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Structured Data Problems

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  • Structured Data Problems

    Google data has indicated that my structured data has issues. One area that has stumped me is availability. The Structured Data testing tool indicates it is not present, yet the rendered code shows it is there. EX: <meta itemprop="availability" href="" /> The code I have in my listing0 template is identical to the Knowledgebase example. Has anyone else seen this availability warning in their Google data?

    They also "recommend" that the url, gtin, brand and priceValidUntil be added. Can someone give me a clue as to what tags to look for to add these "suggestions"? Or, if they are not mandatory, can the suggestions/warnings be ignored? Also, can the info be added, but not show to the customer without using the extra fields?

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    I've noticed this as well on one of my stores. My store on CORE is missing content="[availability_itemprop]". This shows the data "In Stock", "Out Of Stock", etc...

    On my html5 store its listed as: <link itemprop="availability" href="" content="[availability_itemprop]" />
    On my CORE store it was listed as: <meta itemprop="availability" href="[availability_snippet]" />

    Added in content="[availability_itemprop]", then tested the live url in search console and the product now shows the availability as In Stock.
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      Thanks JoeBTI. My listing0 has the snippet version. I have tried it with the itemprop, both as a meta tag and link. I have tried so many times, yet nothing works yet. I even checked the code above it for possible missing coding (quotes, closing tags, etc.) I am currently stumped. The Design Docs indicate the itemprop, not the snippet, as the correct input. The Knowledgebase indicates the snippet is the correct input. Neither work for me.


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        Hmmm... Just applied it to a 3rd store and its work there too.

        Here is how its listed on my listing_0:

         <div class="pricingBlock" itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="">
                                    <meta itemprop="itemCondition" itemtype="" content="" />
                                    <meta itemprop="availability" href="[availability_snippet]" content="[availability_itemprop]" />
                                    <meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="[priceCurrency]" />

        If everything you offer is in stock, then maybe just change the [availability_itemprop] part to In Stock.


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          When I try that I get this: The value of availability is invalid.

          I do not understand why this is happening. It was working fine until about a month ago. I had not altered anything on that template in a long time before the problem started.


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            Hi celebra1

            I've made a request for the developers to review the tags present in the common folder to make sure they're formatted correctly and up to Google's structured data standards.

            I'm not sure when this will be completed, but we'll make sure to update the KB article and documentation to reflect any changes that may be necessary after review.

            In the mean time, I was able to get past the availability invalid error by making the code the following:

            <meta itemprop="availability" href="[availability_snippet]" content="[availability_snippet]" />
            Basically it's the same code as JoeBTI suggested but with the content variable as "[availability_snippet]".

            When checking it on the Google Structured Data Testing Tool, it returns the availability result as "InStock"

            I hope this helps!


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              Yeah, I just noticed that value notice earlier today, however Google did show the availability as "In Stock".

              I think I found the issue after looking through info and samples that Google provides here. Sent 3d a ticket a little bit ago...

              Google shows this sample: <meta itemprop="availability" content="" /> Should be content instead of href. Google also stated not to include thefull "" url within the content

              So based on that it should be: <meta itemprop="availability" content="[availability_snippet]" />

              I did change to this and tested several urls in search console and Seems to be working perfectly now.

              Another issue I noticed is the [availability_snippet] always spits out InStock even for items out of stock. Does not work like [availability_itemprop] variable.

              We shall see what 3d says...

              Well Henry basically answered it while I was typing this out....
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                In case it helps anyone, the reviewcount snippet is also wrong on the html5 templates in the common folder. While the common template wraps the itemprop around content which isn't just a simple number, it should be
                <span itemprop="reviewCount">[review_count]</span>
                Also, google advises that you provide SKU, manufacturer and a unique identifier such as manufacturer part number or gtin

                <div class="product-id">[product_id]:<span id="product_id">[id]</span></div>
                should be
                <div class="product-id">[product_id]:<span id="product_id" itemprop="sku">[id]</span></div>
                and this will cover both manufacturer and a manufacturer part number
                <span itemprop="brand">[manufacturer_name]</span>&nbsp;<span itemprop="mpn">[mfgid]</span>
                They also advise that URL be provided but I'm not quite sure how to do that. I'm pretty sure that you don't want to just put a link on the page but I've hit my time limit on this for a bit.

                3dcart-Henry feel free to provide some of this to the developers to save them the trouble.
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                  Is anyone using the URL inspection tool, in the new version of Google's Search Console, to analyze these issues? For us, it reports 8 warnings, on each product page, that seem to be schema related.


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                    Luxlife Wherever you test your structured data using google, it should report the same issues. My post above resolves 4 of the warnings and the rest of this thread is about resolving a few more.
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                      celebra1 the code for SKU works fine on my listing. Here's a screenshot from google's structured data testing tool


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                        Well this is strange! When I ran my revisions through the Search Console > Products > SKU, it said that all but 5 failed. I was confused by the "5", since all should have passed or failed. Today it says only 98 failed, so I guess Google needs to re-crawl those. I will delete my previous comment so people don't get confused about which corrections are valid. Thanks.


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                          Here is the url one

                          <link itemprop="url" href="[product_url]" />


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                            Are you all running the report from ?

                            Packaging and Shipping Supply Specialists


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                              As far as viewing the results that tool works the best. You can also do it within search console.
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