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Structured Data Problems

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    Thank you - that was it.


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      I am having essentially the same issues... I did try fixing the availability. I do get "IN STOCK"now but the value is coming up as invalid? Still need to fix all the other issues.. Below are the ones I am getting errors on.
      My real question is why are we having to fix this? Shouldn't the developers be addressing these? I asked for help from 3D cart but was told to contact sales. Sales told me my plan did not include this type of fix and the cost was going to be in something like $1500!
      I am seriously looking at other platforms that seem to be more SEO savvy.. I threw together a test site on Volusion and ran the structure data test without any issues at all. Makes me wonder?

      Any input on how to get 3D Carts help would be appreciated.

      @type AggregateRating
      0 Review(s) (The value provided for reviewCount must be an integer.)
      ratingValue 0
      worstRating 0
      bestRating 5
      @type Offer
      In Stock (The value of availability is invalid. Valid values are: [|])
      priceCurrency USD
      price 520.00
      The priceValidUntil field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
      The url field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
      The brand field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
      The review field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
      The sku field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.


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        flyalan You most likely have a modified listing_0.html, so you wont have the newest properties 3dCart added. Your best option at this point is to download a default listing_0.html page and compare it against yours and add in the new stuff.

        3dcart-Henry 3dcart-William Perhaps 3dCart needs to add a KB article regarding the missing schema properties for customers with modified listing_0.html pages? Obviously this is a common issue among many. Considering you original listing file was missing this important information.

        If this $1,500 is true, then I certainly find this to be some shady business practices.


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          I had not modified the listing_0.html until I ran into these issues and tried some of the suggestions on the forum. I even reloaded the core them from scratch. Still have the same issues. I sent another request for help from 3dcart yesterday. No reply at this point.



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            I appreciate everyone's posts here but I'm not a programmer. I'm sure many 3dcart customers are not programmers. We should not have to be - that's why we pay 3dcart a lot more money than it would cost us if we were capable of programming our own site using non proprietary resources.

            The fact that this thread even exists is problematic. It was kindly pointed out to me recently that our site has massive structured data problems. Some of which are the same as those covered here. However, don't have the skills in-house to make up for 3dcart's programming errors. Yes, I could hire someone, but why should I have to? And why is this something that needs 3 months investigation and still no resolution (see Henry's March post).

            Google is the 900Lb gorilla in the room. Ecommerce is dominated by google and if a site doesn't play well with google, it suffers, badly. I posted recently about the June 2019 google update that has decimated our business. Looking at the garbage that google is seeing from our site, I'm convinced this structured data problem plays at least some roll in the issue, if not a major roll.

            Why is this not fixed for EVERYONE? Why does it seem that only folks who know how to dig into the code of their site will get this fixed? Also, the answer should not be "let us sell you an update to the new CORE system" to fix problems that are evidently in stores built with HTML5 and with CORE.

            I have nothing against the wonderful people who we've all hired to do work on our sites, and I'm happy to pay them any time I want to improve my site, but I shouldn't have a gun to my head forcing me to hire them to fix integral parts of the shopping cart system I'm already paying for.

            Where is 3dcart's fix to this?

            It has been pointed out to me (rightly so, and thumbs down on me for not connecting the dots here) that using a custom template would negate 3dcart's ability to push fixes for this problem to a site because they aren't accessing custom template files with their updates. However, it seems these issues have been known for quite some time and I'm pretty sure I didn't receive any communications from 3dcart telling me about this critical issue and how they suggest store owners address the issue. 3dcart are the experts in this scenario and I depend on them to provide me with a properly functioning product that I'm paying for. If they know there's something broken that, for perfectly reasonable reasons, they can't fix for their customers, it's reasonable to expect that they would try to help their customers by providing them with the best information available and calling it to their customers' attention. Just posting a blog post or replying to a post in a forum is not "calling it to a customer's attention."
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              flyalan Your statement (I reloaded core) makes me curious... Did you purchase a premium core template? If you go to your admin panel template editor and the listing_0 is already there, than you are not using the newest 3dcart unmodified listing_0 template. You are using the theme provided template that was built by the theme designer. You would need to delete that via FTP, overwrite it with 3dcart's unmodified listing_0 template, or modify the provided listing_0.

              If you need further info on direction, PM me your store url and I should be able to see what the issue is
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