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  • Maintenance and Upkeep

    What do others do to keep up with their SEO? Weekly or daily practices?

    I am interested in any thing I can be doing differently or in addition.

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    Todays SEO is a BEAST to deal with. If you do it by your self. Its alot of constant work and hard to do. Its best to have someone else to do the work for you. I have started to use THEHOTH. They are very good and very different than other SEO companies. They are wholesale and work for you. Other seo companies will charge by the HR. they charge by the work that is to be done. The HOTHX Package is affordable at $500 a mth. They can do more than someone doing it by your self including DA (Domain Authority), blogging 500 words with your keywords and so much more. They can even do on page SEO as well.

    Good Luck
    David Hamlen
    Choice Checks